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Hello everyone! ~ Long time no see, right? We hope you all are doing good and are kept safe! We need to be strong and especially mindful of our surroundings. We need to help each other and stay strong so we can overcome this crisis as soon as possible. All over the world, there are still some countries that are quarantined.

On the other hand, most of the countries have been already slowly going back to normal and many of them are opening universities and schools too. In some states, the new school year has probably already started, but if in any case, you are waiting for yours to just start, we come to you with what to wear when going back to school inspiration.

In this article, we would like to present to you a few of our fashionable picks which can be easily matched with any piece of your wardrobe. These fashion pieces are totally easy to match with anything so you will not spend a lot of time when deciding what to wear on your first day of school. The items listed down below, all of them can be found on our Stylewe e-shop. That is why you don´t have to spend your spare time browsing the internet to find the precise piece. What do you think of our selection? What is your favorite pick? What are you planning to wear at the beginning of a new school year?

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Knitted Stand Collar Dress

Knitted Stand Collar Casual Long Sleeve Sweater Dress is a wonderful way how to kill two flies with one rock. Since it is a dress, you will not be bothering yourself by deciding what and how many pieces you have to match together. You just simply put on a dress and select a few accessories, such as bags, heels (or boots! even better combo!), and, e. g. a hat!

Source: StyleWe

Long Sleeve Fur Coat

Do you still remember times when fake fur coats were a huge trend? Well, the fewer people wear it now, the better, since you will be more unique while having one on yourself. Lapel Shift Long Sleeve Fur And Shearling Coats are available in four different autumn shades that are truly easy to wear with almost anything. Also, faux fur coats make you look more elegant in an instant!

Source: StyleWe

Knitted Casual Long Sleeve Turtleneck

What autumn it would be without a proper knitted sweater, right? Knitted Casual Shift Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater is a total must in any wardrobe – especially during the colder autumn and winter days. The most favourite combination of the sweaters is to match them together with a pair of jeans. Be it whole black ones or blue denim ones. Sweaters and skirts are really popular too and it is a very cute and aesthetic look.

Source: StyleWe

Solid Ripped Jeans

Since we mentioned the jeans above, what inspiration guide would it be without including at least one pair of them here, right? For this purpose, we picked our Solid Ripped Casual Pants in a dark greyish blue denim that almost looks like grey denim from afar. If you would like to pull the jeans for your final back to school look, try the immortal combination of jeans and plain white Tee.

Source: StyleWe

Sheath Elegant Blouse

If you would like to wear something more elegant that will enhance your feminity, we do recommend the Tie-neck Solid Sheath Elegant Blouse in a lovely soft coral pink color.  There is a scarf element in front so the blouse will also catch attention to be the unique one. Paired with high-waisted black denim jeans or a pencil skirt you will create such a nice color combination.

Source: StyleWe

A-Line Midi Dress

In case you prefer more flaunting and non-bodycon dresses, we have an A-Line Date Elegant Statement Midi Dress for you. In a shade of the light brown colour which is just typical for the autumn season. You will not only feel and look like a true princess, but you will also surely adapt to an upcoming season. The top of this dress is a tight one, so it will create a nice body silhouette of you while wearing it.

Source: StyleWe

Lace Guipure Midi Dress

If you would prefer a bit more delicate and especially lighter dress, we do recommend an A-line Short Sleeve Lace Guipure lace Midi Dress in a lovely soft dusty pink and black lace combination. This dress is not only feminine, but a bit seductive too so be aware of what kind of accessories and shoes you will wear together with it! You surely do not want to overdress on the first day of the school, right?!

Source: StyleWe

Casual Ripped Pants

Blue Casual Solid Sheath Ripped Pants are another pair of jeans we highly recommend you to get for yourself. This kind of denim is amazing – can be combined with anything and you can create any kind of outfit that you wish. Be it casual, be it elegant, be it even sporty. So many opportunities to create with just one piece of clothing. Also, this shade of denim is great to also pair with the colored items of your choice – especially colorful sweaters during the autumn ~

Source: StyleWe

Casual Knitted Sweater

Light mint green Long Sleeve Casual Knitted Sweater is also a great option for how to turn dull grey autumn days into something joyful and bright. Colors are truly powerful when it comes to a person´s mind, right? It is also a very neutral piece of knitwear that is easily matched with the other fashion pieces.


What do you think of our “back to school inspiration”? Have you found anything you like? Do you already know what you will be wearing on this day? Share your thought with us in the comments below! We love to read your feedback ♥ If you would like to continue reading about something fashion-related, here is our tip – 6 Essentials Every Minimalist Need. If on the other side, you would like to read something beauty-oriented, we do highly recommend you to read our Autumn/Fall Makeup Inspiration.

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