Autumn/Fall 2019 Makeup Inspiration

Hello, our lovely Stylewe blog´s readers! Long-time no see, right? We are so happy that we are back again! Today, we will be talking about the autumn/fall 2019 makeup inspiration worth trying. Since autumn started not so long ago, let´s celebrate it with a proper makeup inspiration, what do you think? Now, we are not talking about any Halloween 2019 makeup inspiration. Maybe we will do an article about it in October. But now, we are thinking of something more feminine and elegant, something that an autumn goddess would actually wear during this season of the year. We prepared ten beauty inspirational images for those of you who like wearing not only extravagant makeup on their eyes but also prefers to wear something more delicate and fine. Everyone will surely find something for him and herself. So, are you ready for the makeup inspiration full of autumn breeze? 😎

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Dark Plum Makeup Inspiration

Are you fond of the dark purple plum colour and dark bold lips? If your answer is yes, you will definitely love this makeup inspiration. This colour suits both – pale and tanned skin the same, so you do not have to be afraid if you think that it is not for you. It is! Do not be afraid and shy to experiment and trying new things. Even if you are not “at home” with the dark eyeshadows and dark lipstick, maybe this is the time when you realize you are actually, somewhere down deep, fond of it.

In this case, do not forget to matte your skin with the powder and bring its shine back with the snowy white or dimmed golden highlighter which will create the luxurious goddess look. As for the eyeliner, you can use the ordinary black one, but we do recommend the matte gel one since it will not look the best with the shiny one. Also, you do not have to create literally the dark plum purple circle around your eye. Bring the fresh and light look to it with adding the beige or light brown shade on the eyelid.

Matte lipstick is a must in this case. While spreading it all over your lips, be patient –-> creating a precise outline takes its time! But it is totally worth it! Also, fake lashes are optional. If you do not like to glue them to your own lashes, try the magnetic one which have been popular for quite a few years now and which are also very convenient and re-usable!

If you would like to try something more interesting and eye-catching, transparent or silver glitter eyeliner put in your crease will do the job! Especially when you are attending a party or any other special occasion. Everyone will be staring at your stunning and shiny makeup, believe us! This is a total win-win!

Source: Pinterest

Bold Lips Softer Eyes

If you are fond of the darker bold lips but you do prefer a softer eyeshadow look, we do recommend you to try something in the earthy shades. You can start at your crease with the darker brown shade blending it out and adding some glittery or metallic one on the whole eyelid. Golden, bronze and copper shades are very welcome and will do a Great job when combined with the dark purple or dark burgundy shades of the lipsticks.

In this case, if your eyes are at least a bit shiny and glittery, we do recommend to use the shiny and moisturising lipstick or a lip gloss over the matte one. Also, do not forget to use glittery eyeshadow to brighten your under eyelid as well. If you are an eyeliner loves, make a thin winged one along the lash line. If you prefer more natural-looking eyes, use only the mascara.

Your eyebrows should not be catching the attention in this case. Just keep them natural or just a bit darker than your natural shade. What is the most important in this makeup look are indeed the lips. In this case, we do recommend using a bronzer to define and contour your face. Using a slightly orange blush will do the job too, but do not use the vivid pink ones. It can break the whole look and you surely do not want that, right?

Golden Pumpkin Ritual

Since the autumn is a pumpkin season, among the other things, too, let´s celebrate it in this way as well! Pumpkins are definitely a good thing to be inspired with when you want to achieve a precise fall look. The needed colours for this look are definitely the orange, dark brown, gold, copper and bronze. If you would like to be transformed into a “real” pumpkin, you can use the combination of these colours also for your eyebrows, if it will match with the final look. Why not? Let´s be wild and experiment a bit, shall we?

Good thing it is to start with the bright orange in the crease of the eye blended up to the eyebrows. At the outer end of the crease, let´s use there a slightly dark brown colour – maybe a chocolate one, but not too much dark. You still want to keep it as authentic as possible, right? You can add a copper or bronze on to the crease as well and glittery golden one over the whole eyelid. The thicker gel matte eyeliner is a must in this case since it can create a wild cat eye in a second! Elegant, sophisticated and so damn seductive! With the false lases added at the end you will be the real femme fatale of the night!

Bold Lips and Completely Natural

The fourth makeup inspiration in a row is the one with the dark burgundy bold lips combined with the naturally drawn eyebrows matching the hair colour as well as the pure snowy white slightly shimmering eyelids with the bit of touch of the dark colour at the end of the outer crease. No eyeliner, only mascara will do the job for the delicate almost angelic like fall makeup look. If you would like to add something more to this look, let´s try highlighting the tip of the nose and the place under your eyebrows.

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All Brown Autumn Makeup

How could we forget about something so perfect and describing for autumn as the brown colour in any kind of shade? Moca coffee bold matte lips, slightly contoured face with the bronzer, metallic bronze highlighter vibes over the whole face, slightly bold cool brown in the crease mixed together with the glittery snow-white or beige eyeshadow. But be careful, because eyes framed with eyeliner all over do not suit everybody!

What do you think of today´s inspiration? What are your favourite looks you create yourself during this season? If you are interested in reading more beauty and makeup related articles, we do recommend the St. Valentine´s Day Make-Up Inspiration and Korean 10-step Skin Care Routine.


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