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Update your Spring Look with These Spring Outfit Formulas

Winter is going to be over soon. Spring will soon be here with all the colors and rejuvenation. It’s a time when every object around us seems to come to life. With the first sign of spring, all the fashion forward girls start to operate their minds in designing their spring wardrobes.  In spring, those additional layers of winter are replaced by short, sassy and vibrant outfits. Before we proceed with some of the best spring outfit formulas, here are some basic rules to follow for dressing up in spring. Continue reading

New Year Resolutions From Successful People For Year 2017

According to some recent statistics, only a 45% of the whole population of US make new year resolutions. And keeping them is the other side of the story. Everyone makes resolutions according to their interests. To some losing weight is important, some are keener about managing a better work-life balance and to some, living a carefree life is all that matters. Famous and successful people also make new year resolutions each year. Apparently, these are just words, but they can be inspirational too. Here we have rounded up the most motivating new year resolutions made by the most successful people of their respective fields. Continue reading

Top Ten Surprising Facts about Marilyn Monroe

Talking of Marilyn Monroe, the few things that come to mind include; beauty, fashion forwardness, boldness, a sex symbol, a great sense of styling (that was ahead of its time). It was ahead of time because even today, after so many decades of her death, she is still considered one of the most stylish actresses till date. Her looks, her outfits, the style, everything seems fitted even today.  But this not all about her. There is a lot about Marilyn that most of the people don’t know. Here we have rounded up 10 astonishing facts about her that most of you didn’t know till today.  Continue reading

Complete Your Look with Trendiest Hairstyles for Spring 2017

A classy outfit, trendy makeup and fashionable accessories, even all of it together, can’t complete your look unless you have a heavenly hairstyle. A hairstyle helps define your look. Hairstyles keep on changing. Each season, we are introduced to latest and trendy hairdos. Fashion runways and celebrity styles are the biggest inspirations for fashion forward women. Winter will soon be gone and we’ll be welcoming the colorful spring. Which hairstyles would go the best with our spring 2017 look? No worries. Following are the most sought after and recommended hairstyles to wear in spring 2017. Continue reading

Most Beautiful Weddings of 2016

Wedding is the celebration of love and friendship. So, everyone wants it to be as memorable as possible. Not just your dresses but each and every detail of the wedding makes the difference. Be it your wedding invitation or the wedding venue, everything counts for a beautiful beginning of ever after. Like every year, 2016 has also seen some of the most beautiful weddings where each and every detail and décor left the spectators in awe. Here we have enlisted the most inspirational wedding ceremonies of 2016. Continue reading

The 30 Best Celebrity Street Style Looks of 2016

Where at one place, celebrity street style is a great source of inspiration for all the fans and followers, it is also a great way to endorse various fashion brands. Quite opposite to the celebrities’ appearance on the red carpet, where stars show off their best and most polished looks, a street style gives us a closer-to-reality look of our favoirte celebs. Find out what people witnessed this year. Here we have rounded up some of the best celebrity street style looks of 2016 so far. Continue reading

Perfectly styled Two-Piece Winter Outfits for Office

While working in an office, we normally wear a slack or a shirt, some prefer trousers while some opt for leggings. These are the most recommended clothing staples for a casual business look. You have to be more careful while working in a corporate.  Some offices declare a specific dress code. And all the employees are forced to follow that dress code for office. But things can become hard if your office attire does not match your corporate identity. Seasons too, have a very significant role in stocking up your working wardrobe. Continue reading

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