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Your Ultimate Guide for Keratin Treatment

Long, shiny, straight and manageable hair are every girl’s dream. Daily exposure to pollution, hair products with harmful chemicals and blow drying, all tend to damage the natural keratin of hair. Once the keratin from your hair is depleted, your hair cortex is exposed to more damage. From decades oiling and conditioning are considered the most reliable hair treatment for frizz-free and luscious hair. Not too long, around a decade ago, the world of beauty and glamor was introduced to an all new term i.e. ‘keratin hair treatment’. It has become so common today that any woman can easily have keratin treatment at home. Continue reading

True Story Behind Alicia Keys No Makeup Look

No one can show off a take-me-as-I-am attitude, the way Alicia Keys did. Though a well-recognized name of music industry, there are some other reasons that made everyone talk about her. August 2016 marks the time when the world got a noticeable surprise with Alicia keys without makeup look. It was 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, where all the celebrities appeared with layered (with makeup) skin, colored lips and all the glitz and glamour. Continue reading

How to get Nail Polish out of Carpet and Clothes?

Nothing could be more arduous than getting the accidentally spilled nail polish out of carpet or clothes. No matter how careful you are, some days tend to bring such ill-luck. Scrubbing with nail polish remover that we normally use, does nothing but leaving another weird stain on it (don’t scrub). Not just carpet, a nail polish can ruin anything that we use in everyday life including clothes or furniture. We know, all the desperate housewives who spend their days in wiping and cleaning of their house, would love to know about how to get nail polish out of carpet or clothes. Here is a comprehensive guide containing all the answers to your queries. Continue reading

Transformative Travel: The Hottest Travel Trend of 2017

Travel is not only fun but it’s also one of the best ways of getting yourself educated. Just like Paulo Coelho writes to advocate traveling, ‘To those who believe that adventures are dangerous, I say, ‘Try routine; that kills you far more quickly.’ In the past few years’ travel industry have been revolutionized immensely. Year 2016 was dominated by ‘experimental travel’. It was more about exploring places, finding far-fetched locations and interacting with the locals to feel special. And above all, your trip would never be completed unless you share some exotic and mind-blowing images of yours on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter. Continue reading

The Minimalist’s Skincare Routine for Busy Women

Not every woman has the power to spend hours in front of mirror. Especially the mature women who have kids and family, find it very fatiguing to put themselves together each morning. But that should not be an excuse to ignore yourself. Whether you are stay-at-home mom or a working lady, beautifying yourself and taking care of your skin must never be compromised. We have the best solution for you. Follow a MINIMALIST skincare routine. Continue reading

10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017

With the arrival of year 2017, the savvy-travelers all around the world have started looking for the hottest travel destinations of 2017. Year 2017 traveling trend is more about exploring unique and far-flung places. Travelers would discard the paths that are already trodden. They would start looking for exploring the remote destinations where tourists do not visit much. Here we have rounded up 10 destinations that you all should visit, to have great vacations as well as for learning something new. Continue reading

10 Underrated Beauty Brands You Need to Finally Try in 2017

We all have grown up to the big beauty brands like MAC, NARS, LANCOME, Bobbi Brown etc. All through these years, these big names have been dominating the beauty industry. People buy their products because they trust all these big names. But that doesn’t mean that these are the only reliable beauty brands. Each year we see the launch of various new brand or beauty products. There are some underrated brands that have been here since years and their products are great. But unfortunately, they are over shadowed by the big names. Here we have summed up 10 underrated but recommended beauty brands that you really should try in 2017. Continue reading

2-Minute Weekend Makeup Routine for Perfectly Matte Skin

After following a hectic schedule of whole week at work, weekend is just like a fresh breath of air. We all feel excited for partying and hanging out with friends. If most of your weekend time is going to be spent in traveling, you need a whole new way to manage your look. A traveling weekend does not require a whole makeup bag. Multitasking makeup compacts and other basic essential are enough to give you a perfect look. You need a look that goes great with casual to formal wear. A matte skin look brings out the best in you. You can get that flawless look within two minutes. Let’s find out with our 2-minute weekend makeup routine. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Lingerie

We all know, lingerie is figure-enhancing undergarments that women usually wear. Their sole purpose is to look sexy and appealing not only to themselves, but also to their love partners. Like any other piece of clothing, pulling off lingerie has some basic etiquettes to follow. You have to take care of things like size, fit, color etc. Fashion-forward girls might have good idea about it. But there are many who feel confused about many things related to the under garments like bra or underwear. Here we have compiled some FAQ’s about lingerie to help you getting rid of any confusion. Continue reading

20 Foods to De-stress yourself

Eating more than your normal diet, when stressed, is a common practice. Many people feel better when they eat during a stressed phase of life. While trying to de-stress their minds, they tend to stuff their mouths with unhealthy (junk) foods. All they gain is a timely relief and a lot of extra calories. This whole situation seems quite hilarious. In spite of that we cannot deny the fact that there are certain anti-stress food items that come with calming properties. And if taken properly, they can actually make you feel better. Here we have rounded up 20 stress-busting foods, let’s read on more about them. Continue reading

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