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What Vitamins are Good for Skin, Hair and Nails and How to Get?

Our polluted environment, toxins all around, use of chemicals in different products and above all, an unhealthy lifestyle; all tend to affect our, skin, hair and overall health. As a result, the free radicals in our body affect the functioning of various parts including—skin, hair and nails. Vitamins are the most suggested option to fight these free radicals. Vitamins act as antioxidants in the body that is why, women who are facing problems like wrinkled skin, hair fall and weak nails, must add the most suitable vitamins in their diet.

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How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne & Skincare

Acne is a common problem faced by the people belonging to every age group. But teenage is the period when you are more likely to get hit by the unstoppable storm of acne. How to cure acne is the most common question we are often asked by teens. There could be numerous factors behind an acne outburst. These may include—hormonal changes, dirt, pollution and blocked skin pores and so on. Once you have it, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. Girls adopt different medicines and homemade remedies to get rid of acne problem. ACV for acne is one of them.

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How Often Should You Cut your Hair?

What should be the time period of a regular haircut, a woman should have? We all have been grown up to a myth that states the period of 6 to 8 weeks is an ideal time for regular haircut (for all hair types). But with all the advancement in the field of health and beauty, these basic concepts too are being changed. How can we apply a single rule for all types of hair with different lengths? The span of haircut should differ with each hair type. To know more about it, read on the info given below.

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How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes?

No one likes that loose and saggy skin under the eyes. Bags under eyes make you look dull and aged. That is a common problem faced by many, irrespective of age and gender. There is a misconception that dark circles under eyes cannot be cured. That’s wrong. If you stay consistent and steady and keep on applying the tricks we are going to share, you can actually get rid of dark circles under eyes. There could be numerous factors causing those dark circles. And to cure them, it is essential to know what is causing it.

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Beautify Yourself with Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets

When we talk of women with flawlessly beautiful skin and silky black hair, the first thought that comes to mind is the gorgeous Chinese women. Chinese women are known for their even skin tone and ageless complexion, since ages. There are a number of ancient beauty secrets and Chinese tricks that have proved to bring the best result. Women in west love to explore these Asian beauty secrets to get the lasting beauty.

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20 Ways to Wear Over-Sized Sweaters Fashionably

Spring season is never completed without oversized knit sweaters. For slim and smart girls, particularly with a petite body, it is not easy to carry big sweaters. Many girls fear wearing them, to avoid the look of an over-sized balloon. Pulling off an oversized sweater fashionably, requires certain techniques. Once you follow them, you can easily get a stylish winter look. Here we have rounded up the best ways to style yourself up in an oversized sweater.

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How to Make a Rainbow Cake?

Cake is a dessert for all ages. It’s a dreamy creamy dessert that always delights. Weddings, birthdays, anniversary and all special events are incomplete without a cake. A timeless dessert, cake has changed in styles, flavors and colors. A rainbow cake is the latest trend that not only tempts our taste buds, it appeals our eyes as well. The layering of multiple fresh colors look flattering. Even rainbow cakes are available in so many styles and flavors. Some like rainbow chocolate cake while some prefer other flavors. It’s so yummy that women can’t control the desire. To sum up, a rainbow cake is worth the calories! Continue reading

8 Healthy Nuts and Seeds You Should Eat Daily

A healthy lifestyle belongs to a healthy body and for a healthy body we need minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and fats. Nuts and seeds are edibles that are enriched with them all. Many times, nuts and seeds are taken as tasty snacks to munch on but these are much more than that. Most of the seeds and nuts come with a lot of health benefits like managing of high blood pressure, controlling of cholesterol level, preventing heart and cardiovascular diseases, even nuts are great for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Not all of them are suitable for the people belonging to a mature age group. As there are some nuts and seeds that come with high caloric levels, that might be risky for many. Here we have rounded up the nuts and seeds that are considered great for a healthy body. Continue reading

10 Easy and Healthy Brunch Recipes

Nothing could make your weekend special than a fun-filled brunch. It’s an occasion when all the close pals meet up in a relaxed and chilled manner (most of the time, you don’t need to get out of your pajamas). All that one wants are yummy food and fun time. Here we have enlisted 10 easy and healthy brunch recipes. Read on to make your weekend special. Continue reading

How to Wear Heels in the Most Comfortable Way?

Even the immense popularity of flats and sneakers could not lessen the craze of heels. To get the most trendsetting look with every type of outfit, heels are always the first choice. Be it a street style, office attire or a red carpet, a perfect style comes with stiletto heels. Wearing heels on regular basis tends to hurt your feet temporarily or permanently. Even that pain one gets after wearing heels cannot refrain the ladies from wearing those towering footwear, especially if they are the fashion-forward girls. What to do in a situation like that? You have two options; either to bid farewell to heels or try to make heel more comfortable. Read on to find the best ways to wear heels without pain and discomfort. Continue reading

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