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Step out in Style with These Fashionable Snow Boots for Women

To compromise on style, a fashion-forward woman would never do that. No financial crisis or hardships of weather can keep the girls away from being sassy and stylish. It’s December and temperature is getting frigid with each passing day. No matter how harsh the weather turns and how slushy the roads are, women have to get out of their cozy homes to perform their routine tasks. Why not stock up some stylish yet practical fashionable snow boots? Here is the collection of the most high-performance shoes that would not only keep your feet dry but would also ensure a flattering style. Continue reading

Travel & Stylish Tips In Florence

Florence is one of the most populated cities of Tuscany and boasts a scene of artistic treasures. As one of the most important cities of Italy, it is also considered to be the birthplace of Renaissance. The city is lined up with architectural masterpieces by artists like Michelangelo; it is one of the most favored tourist spots in the country. With great cultural and historical significance, millions of tourists visit Florence every year. So let us take a look at some of the best places to go to while you are in Florence. Continue reading

11 Celebrities Who Look Incredible For Their Age

Being a part of the entertainment business is not an easy task. Celebrities go through strenuous workout grooming schedules to keep themselves fit and look good. But there is a category of celebrities who manage to get better with age. It seems that they are like a fine wine which gets better with each passing day. Let us take a look at eleven celebrities you would not believe are over fifty. Continue reading

The Best Gifts under $50 to Brightening Someone’s Day

The holiday season is here and it is time to spend some quality time with you loved ones. What is the best way to express how much they mean to other spending time with them? Well, a thoughtful gift would send a message. With tons of offers and deals available during the holiday season, it becomes an easier task to find great gifts at affordable prices. Let us take a look at some of the gifts you can buy under $50 to brighten up someone’s day. A holiday gift under budget. Continue reading

Dazzle Up Your Elegant Look with Gloves

During the earlier years, gloves were far more important than anything else. Gloves were associated with aristocrat living and elegant fashion. In the contemporary time, these embellishments have been a part of a distinct fashion statement. And before anything else, let’s take a fashion tour with these classical accessories. Continue reading

10 Biggest Christmas Events All Around the World

Christmas is a huge event celebrated by many countries all across the globe. Many people see it as a religious tradition and some see it as a cultural event. As December approaches, the list of festive events a lot of people are about to attend are becoming endless! Gift-giving, colorful lights, scrumptious Christmas eve meals – all of which are observed whenever Christmas events are commemorated. Whatever part of the world you may be in right now, one thing is for sure – December is the most colorful and festive month of the year! In this article, we have searched for the biggest Christmas events that are observed all over the world. You may want to include some destinations here for your holiday travels! Continue reading

Favorite Products for Dry and Damaged Hair with Reviews

For your hair to be vibrant and glossy, it has to contain the right moisture so that it remains healthy, healthy, shiny and vigorous. There are a several ways in which your hair gets damaged and dries up ranging from your regular, the effect of the sun as you tan your body to the use of inappropriate hair care products. Good news is that there are over a million products to rejuvenate your hair back to its bright, healthy state. At times, you may require using a combination of the hair care products to achieve the desired texture and appearance. Here is an overview some of the top hair care products you can turn to whenever necessary. Continue reading

Things You May Never Know about Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy is surely one of the most exciting, life-changing and scary processes that a woman may go through in her life. The constant changes that pregnancy may bring are something not everyone expects and definitely would never be prepared for. Here are few things that no-one would ever tell you about pregnancy and what may happen during those nine months: Continue reading

A Comprehensive Guide to Little Black Dress of All Time

What should be the alternative word for ‘black dress’? if you ask me, I would say, it’s ‘glamorous’. A black dress is the best way to add a glamourous appeal to your personality. Especially the little black dresses are a timeless treasure. Not just today but these ‘little black dresses’ have been dominating the fashion world since 1920. Coco Chanel was the first to introduce this fashion term ‘little black dress’ back in the 1920s. Continue reading

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