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What to Wear on Valentine´s Day 2020 Fashion Guide Edition

Hello, our beloved readers! First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020 since this is the first article of ours after entering 2020. We wish you a lot of love, health, happiness and good luck with everything you would like to accomplish during this whole year. Be it to start to learn something new, visiting new destinations, losing weight, getting a degree – anything! Because you can do it! Second of all, since January is almost done and Valentine´s Day is coming, we decided to publish an OOTD inspiration for those, who would like to celebrate this special occasion romantically – by going on date. Continue reading

Christmas Eve Festive Glitter Eye Makeup Inspiration

Hello everyone! December is already here and it means a new article for our beauty and fashion blog as well! Since Christmas Even and New Year´s parties are coming, we will be talking and sharing with you a few Christmas Festive Shiny Makeup Inspiration tips today. Everyone will surely find the right inspiration for themselves, be it something pretty simple or something overly creative. These Christmas Makeup Looks are easy to create even at your home without the assistance of a professional. A few photos below are dedicated especially for the creative souls who like to play with makeup a lot and have an artistic feel. Of course, most of the contained looks are great to wear during the family gatherings or the biggest parties when you would like to draw whole attention to yourself. Without anything else, let´s already dig into it, shall we? 🙂

Soft Classy Romantic Pink with a touch of Metallic

The first makeup look we chose is composed of a light rosy colour spread all over the lid. In the crease, there is a deeper dusty rose colour used. To make it more interesting and vibrant, use a rosy or rose gold metallic liquid eyeliner to stronger the festive vibes.

Source: Pinterest

Fine White Glitters With a Soft Fading Emerald Eyeliner

For this makeup look, let´s start with a transparent eyeshadow with tiny fine glitters to spread all over the lid. Follow by drawing the emerald green eyeliner. If you do not have the right eyeliner at home, you can use the emerald green eyeshadow. The sharp wing of the line can be done by using a sharp brush, e. g. the one used especially for the eyeliners or the eyebrows. Add a bit of colour to the inner 1/4 of the lid and blend the upper side of the eyeliner to make the “fading” effect.

Source: Pinterest

Vibrant Red Metallic Glitters and Bold Black Eyeliner

In this case, it is important to start with the red eyeshadow all over the lid. Be sure to blend it properly so there are no sharp edges of it below the eyebrow! It does not look pretty, nor professional. Spread a bit of the leftover colour on a down lid and make a thin red line. On a top of the red eyeshadow, put there the red glitters (even the golden ones can look pretty!) all over. Be careful to spread it only on the lid – do not bring them below the eyebrow. You can also use a glitter fixer underneath to make them hold on the lid better and not falling down. A bold black gel eyeliner together with the dramatic false lashes is a must for this makeup look!

Source: Pinterest

Christmas Festive – Sparkly Red and Green

Red and green are the colours that have been associated with Christmas for a long time. Why try separating them, right? Let´s put them together since they can also make a fabulous combo! Before playing with the colours, let´s start with the base – choose a neutral eyeshadow to put all over the lid and follow it with soft brown colour in the crease. If you would like to, add more intensity to the crease by choosing the darker brown. This step will make your eyes look “dolly” and deep. After that, decide which one of the colours you will put on a top and lower lid. Even in this case, you can help yourself with drawing the line by the eyeshadows if you do not have the right ones at home. Add some glitters on top to make it look festive!

Source: Chic Better

Snowflake Queen – Dusty Pink, Snowy White Glitter & Dark Red

With this makeup look, we are taking our inspiration to whole another level. As you can see, the base of the lid is covered by a dusty pink rosy eyeshadow that is slightly darker on the sides. Right in the crease line – or better said just right above it – there is a dark red eyeshadow blended followed by the snowy white glitter line in the middle. If you would like to re-create this look, we do highly recommend you to start just with the blending the eyeshadow above the crease, since if you will not get it done perfectly at first, you will not ruin the whole look. When you are done with blending, adding the dusty rose and snowy white eyeliner is a piece of cake! If you would like to deepen the look, use a thinner black eyeliner with a longer wing to the side. If you are brave enough, add a few small snowflakes below the eyebrow by using the liquid or pencil eyeliner in white colour.

Source: Chic Better

Candy Cane mixture of Red, and White with Shiny Rhinestones

There are a few people who are truly fond of the candy canes. Do you like them as well? If your answer is yes, you can try this candy cane inspired makeup! It not only looks artistic, but it brings happiness too, do not you think? It looks really playful! To re-create this look, you will need two important colours – bright red and white. For the lower lid, use a red eyeshadow and blend it softly to create a slightly “fading” effect. On a top lid, draw a straight and slim red line. Wait for a few seconds to dry it properly and start drawing the stripes with the white liner. If you would like to, you can use a very thin layer of a black liner drew closer to your lashes, but it is optional. To spice it up a bit, use the rhinestones or different shapes glitter on the eyebrow. Also, do not forget to use a highlighter (especially in a light gold shade) just below the tip of your eyebrows. Adding the snowflakes elements is completely up to you.

Source: Chic Better

Something for a Gingerbread Lovers

Nex makeup look is composed of the shades of brown with a slight touch of golden vibes. Golden touch will give your makeup a luxurious feel. It may look a bit difficult, but it actually isn´t at all! Imagine doing your eyes only with the shades of brown you would like to use for the look. If you will blend everything nicely together, use the mixture of the selected colours also for the lower lid, but make it a bit softer. Add a gold shiny eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and use a light layer of the same eyeshadow for a top eyelid. Just to make it a bit shiny. They draw a black think eyeliner close to the eyelashes. After being done, draw a few white “drops” at the end of your eyeliner´s wing and make a curvy line in your crease with the same product. Next step is applying tiny balls just above the curvy line and a few of them on the bottom lashes.

For the gingerbread eyebrows, draw it like you normally do. Then grab the white liner again and colour the 1/3 of it from the beginning of the eyebrow. You can add a few of the “falling drops” there as well if you would like to. After everything is done, place there two plastic gingerbreads. You can use those made for the nail arts and you are done!

Do you like our Christmas Festive Makeup Looks selection? Which one is your favourite? Have you tried anything like that already or are you planning to do something similar for your Christmas makeup? Let us know in the comment section below! For those who would like to read some more beauty-related articles, we do recommend you to look at Korean 10-step Skincare Routine or Skincare Must-Have Tips and Products. See you in the next article! ~

Black Friday Sale Items OOTD Inspiration

Hello everyone! It surely has been a long time since we posted the last article, hasn´t it? Today we are back with a fashion-related topic and since it is already November, it will also be a themed one. Black Friday is uncontrollably coming and you surely know what does it mean, right? Sale, sale and once more – a huge SALE. It means that clothing and accessories on our Stylewe e-shop will be cheaper, so you can enjoy more things for less money! Isn´t that just great?! There are many different kinds of styles so everyone will choose the right ones for them for sure. With today´s article, we will be sharing with you the all-black outfits as a celebration of an upcoming Black Friday on our e-shop. Some coupon codes are already active so you can enjoy discounts even now! Do not hesitate and browse the shop for fashionable and trendy clothing! But first of all, let´s talk about some advantages of wearing only black clothing pieces, shall we?

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Autumn/Fall 2019 Makeup Inspiration

Hello, our lovely Stylewe blog´s readers! Long-time no see, right? We are so happy that we are back again! Today, we will be talking about the autumn/fall 2019 makeup inspiration worth trying. Since autumn started not so long ago, let´s celebrate it with a proper makeup inspiration, what do you think? Now, we are not talking about any Halloween 2019 makeup inspiration. Maybe we will do an article about it in October. But now, we are thinking of something more feminine and elegant, something that an autumn goddess would actually wear during this season of the year. We prepared ten beauty inspirational images for those of you who like wearing not only extravagant makeup on their eyes but also prefers to wear something more delicate and fine. Everyone will surely find something for him and herself. So, are you ready for the makeup inspiration full of autumn breeze? 😎

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Back to School Outfit Inspiration

Hello everyone and welcome back to the newest article that we prepared for you! Could you actually believe the fact, then it is already past August and there will be a new school year starting soon? It is totally unbelievable how fast everything flows. A person just can´t even notice it when do not pay attention. We really do hope that you have been enjoying the summer and that you also relaxed and calmed down a bit. And since the school is coming, slowly but yeah, it is, this time we prepared for you all, who will be starting your new school year in September, a back to school outfit inspiration. In today´s article, we will show you a few outfits of the day ideas you can wear to school and university, but also even during the normal day off 😊

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Summer Skincare Routine Must-Have Tips and Products

Hello everyone! It has been quite a time since we published our last article! All of us do really hope that you have been enjoying your holidays and summer at maximum up until this time. Even if it is August already, we still do have quite a lot of warm and sunny days in front of us! With changing the season, it is very important to change our skincare routine as well. Especially when you are about to travel to some other country, where is much more different weather than in your home country. Using the products for a whole year straight is not very good and effective for your skin, too.

Since it is summer you should just relax, have fun and try lots of new things! It also applies to beauty! And since we do love to be a guide for you and to inspire you, for today, we prepared a new article for you! This time we will be talking about the summer skincare routine for the beautiful and healthy skin that everyone should follow! Let us know in the comments what is your summer skincare routine and what are your favourite beauty products to use during the summer! If you are interested in the tips, continue reading the article 😊

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4th Annual Shop Celebration Event 2019

Hello everyone! We hope that you have been doing good up until now and that you are ready for the newest article we prepared just for you. Also, could you believe, that it is already the 4th year of the Shop Celebration Event this year? It seems like a miracle! The time has flown so fast during the few past years and we just cannot believe the fact, that our e-shop has been existing for already over four years! We are so happy and glad about that. We would also like to thank especially you, because you, our readers and customers are the ones, who allowed us to exist in the first place. We cannot describe with the words how thankful are we that we have you ♥ But such an amazing and significant event like the 4th Annual Shop Celebration needs some decent celebration outfit too, right? In today´s article, we will be showing you a few outfits, which you can use for any other kind of celebration as well. The dress code is clear – elegant, feminine and sophisticated!

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7 Summer Outfits You Can Actually Wear to Work

Hello everyone! Long time no see! ~ We do really hope that you missed us (and our fashion-related articles) at least a bit. We are truly sorry we did not publish that much recently, but this case is not a problem anymore! We are back in a game again with the newest summer and fashion-related article. Since the summer already officially started and the temperatures are seriously (and even dangerously) high, we decided on publishing something that will not only be a trendy guide but a helpful one as well. In today´s article, we will be presenting 7 summer outfits you can actually wear to work in the case, you absolutely ran of the OOTD ideas. We will also try to cover as many styles as we can and we will show you the fashion pieces you will not sweat in that much! If you are interested in what we have prepared for you, continue reading the article. Shall we? 🙂

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Best Dressed: The Week in Outfits.

Hello everyone! We hope that you have been having a fruitful and calm week up until now! We are already in half of it, so only a few more days until Friday and, finally, a weekend! Since it has been already summer and we do have a lot of new opportunities to spend days outsides, we do not have to worry about making the plans. But this time we will be talking about the week actually. In today´s article, we will be presenting a few outfits which are related to every day of the week each of them. You can take it as an inspirational guide in case you do not know what to wear to work, to university or to the city while meeting with your colleagues or your friends. In case you already run out of the possible ideas and options, do not worry. You have us and we will not let you drown! If you are interested in what we prepared for you to be inspired by this time, continue the article. Let´s get into it!

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Summer 2019 Swimwear and Bikini Trends

Hello everyone! After a week and something, we are back with a new article! This time we will be talking about some new summer 2019 swimwear and bikini trends, which you can use as an inspiration. You can also use this article as a guide for the summer swimwear in case you have not bought any pieces to wear on the beach yet. It does not matter if you prefer to tan in your home country or to see something of the world. Swimwear and bikinis are a summer must-have every single year. Every single year there are new and new trends to be inspired with and to follow. This time we will share with you the hottest swimwear trends of 2019. If you are interested, stay tuned and continue reading the article 🙂

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