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Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Are you tired of your boring hair? Well, today must be the best time to have an instant makeover. You don’t have to face those big shears to create an instant hair evolution. All you need is a little bit of confidence and style. An unconventional hairstyle can certainly make a  major transformation, not just with your hair, but also with your life. People tend to notice you with your new hair and that being said, you’re one step in achieving your hair goals. So, are you ready for a new you? Continue reading

4 Adorable Kids Who Style Better Than the Adults

Well, people tend to get stylish during their teenage years, but lately it seems that fashion has swooned over these youngsters. Even at their young age, these adorable kids know how to strike up a fashion like that of a seasoned A-list fashion star. You won’t consider them as a newbie in the fashion world, from their charismatic hairstyles to their trendy outfits. For sure, when these stylish kids hit puberty, they will become the  ultimate fashion icons of all time. Continue reading

Beach Vocation Tricks: 9 Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong

Sarong is not just a traditional garment, but also a fascinating piece of cloth you can add into your daily wardrobe capsule. This fabric is widely used in most Southeast Asian countries, especially in Indonesia. Sarong or sarung, is a significant garment in Indonesia, and wearing this piece is normally attached to the Muslim society in the country. Thus, sarong making is one of the most notable industries in Indonesia, which are exported worldwide.

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Best Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

Every person is different, so as your skin type. And if you are one of those people who love makeup but have a very sensitive skin, we totally feel you. Sometimes, choosing the right beauty essentials for your skin can be very challenging. You need to consider a lot of factors, from the ingredients to the usage. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best beauty products for your sensitive skin.

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5 Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer

Sands on toes, salt in hair, summer breeze on skin— oh summer, we’ve been waiting for you! Well, summer is definitely one of the most anticipated seasons, where the sun is shining brightly and the wind is gushing coolly. And talking about summer, bikinis and tankinis will always be the well-loved summer essentials, as well as sunglasses and sarongs. And to complete your summer nitty-gritties, you should never forget the beach hats. Yes, beach or sun hats must be included in your summer wardrobe capsule. If you’re not quite sure about what to bring on your next travel destination, we’ve itemized some of the hats you can wear during summer. Are you ready to slay your next travel trip with these fashionable sun hats?

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How to Choose the Right Aviators

Classic and edgy style will always stand out from the crowd, and you can depend on one fashion piece to help you achieve such— aviators. Yes, aviators are downright staples in creating a rather casual yet cool ensemble. Whether you opt for those rainbow polarized lens or some fancy frames, you’ll definitely slay the OOTD game.

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Toni Ko and her Beautiful Journey to Success

Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics, is definitely one of the richest self-made entrepreneurs in the world, with almost all of her life dedicated to her passion for entrepreneurship.  Though she already sold her company to the world’s most prominent beauty conglomerate, L’Oreal, she never stopped living up to her dream— to create business. Continue reading

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