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Legging Outfits: Stylish Tips on Wearing Leggings

If you don’t want to show some skin but you think there’s a need to accentuate your toned legs, then the best outfit for you is the leggings. Leggings have definitely become a prime in creating a remarkable fashion without the need to bare your body. Ranging from the classical monochromes to the printed structures, you’ll certainly have a lot of choices. These fashion necessities are very functional, not just as your workout essential, but also as your trusted fashion ensemble. Continue reading

The Ultimate Packing List For Your Tokyo Trip

Planning for your next travel destination? No need to dwell on wishful thinking because Tokyo got you all covered. Tokyo is one of the most visited cities, not just in Japan, but in the whole world. Why? We can just start off with the unlimited shopping districts, then the countless tourist attractions, and of course, the adorable cherry blossoms. The city is an exceptional portrayal of hectic and homey combination. You will be amazed with the overly busy yet punctual citizens, the frenzied yet incomparable Shibuya crossing and the peculiar yet tasty Jap cuisines. Continue reading

Skater Dress for Plus Size

With its comfortable fit and womanly flare, skater dresses are definitely the wardrobe essential for plus size women. If you’re a newbie to the fashion world, a skater dress is a dress that features a fitting upper and a flared hemline. Skater dresses are great for all types of women— skinny, petite, toned and plus size. Every girl could wear this dress because of its flattering touch, perfect to reveal your stylish fashion sense. Continue reading

Plus Size Styling Tips From Adele

‘I don’t make music for eyes I make music for ears.’

Exactly! Ever since her debut as a singer, Adele has proven her worth as an artist through her exceptional talent, and not her physical appearance. Weight has nothing to do with her success, making her an epitome of an inspirational woman, who conquered the prying eyes of the current generation. Continue reading

The Stylish Life of Sophia Loren

Born as Sofia Villani Scicolone, Sophia Loren is known for her roles in hit movies: Two Women, Yesterday, Marriage Italian Style Sunflower, Today and Tomorrow,  The Voyage and  A Special Day. Her exceptional characters gave her the record of having the most number of David di Donatello Awards for Best Actress. Not only that, she also received a lot of nominations, awards and recognition during the course of her acting stint. Continue reading

Tips in Hosting a Party Like Kate Middleton

Hosting seems to be an exciting royal function for a newfound grace. And if you’re looking for an excellent hostess to imitate, then the Duchess of Cambridge is certainly a perfect choice. Kate Middleton is known to be a great hostess, from state banquets to tea parties. She has definite hosting rules to successfully pull off any event. Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise because she has attended several formal parties related to her royal duties. Now, are you ready to host a party like a royal?

Continue reading

What to do in Barcelona and Your Wardrobe Plan

Being the flourishing cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia, it’s no question why Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Barcelona boasts of its mixed attractions, ranging from impressive structures to natural creations. A visit to the place will surely be a love at first sight. Continue reading

Stylish Travel Guide in Rio de Janeiro

As one of the most popular cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has definitely made a name of its own. From iconic structures to well-loved football games, the city seems to be an endless paradise to explore. And if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your life, then you should book a flight and pack your bags because Rio de Janeiro has been waiting for your all year long! Continue reading

Cheap Ways To Transform Your Old Clothes Into Something New

If you’re thinking of buying new clothes again, think twice because you can certainly make use of your old clothes to create a stylish look. You don’t have to spend more money on your shopping spree. You just have to be innovative and creative in taking advantage of your wardrobe essentials. Ladies, it’s time to show the world your artistic side with these cheap yet chic ways of making your old clothes new again. It’s gonna be an exciting and fascinating fashion session! Continue reading

The Greatest Comeback of the 80s Fashion Trends

If you think that the fashion trends during the ’80s are meant to be buried on that decade, you better think again. According to some fashion geniuses, the ’80s trend will slay the fashion world a little bit longer than expected. Who would say no to tailored trousers, puffy-sleeved tops and ruffles? Well, everyone would love those 1980s-inspired clothing, not just for 2017, but also for the years to come. Continue reading

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