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5 Ginger Tea Recipes You Can Try at Home

Looking for a tea that gives you a lot of amazing benefits? Then, you should try to incorporate ginger into your daily tea routine. Yes, this powerful herb has been used for ages, and even an Indian proverb states that ‘everything good is found in ginger’. The aromatic delight and beneficial effects of ginger has long been used in the traditional healing and medicinal field.

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Travelling Around the World with Heidi Hetzer

At age 79, Heidi Hetzer is still out and about to venture the unknown. This grandma is not your average senior as she is showing the whole world that it’s never too late to continue your passion— travelling the world with her beloved car, Hudo. The two are downright inseparable and has driven a lot of places— from Europe, down to Middle East, through China, across Asia and Australia. And up to the present time, the two are conquering the roads with vigor and happiness.

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Iconic Styles of Kate Moss

For more than 20 years, Kate Moss has set the runway ablaze with her unconventional ways of dressing and unique choices of ensemble. From Calvin Klein to Dolce & Gabbana, no wonder she is tagged as one of the most iconic supermodels up to the present time. Her fashion love took her to a more exciting phase of her career and eventually, she became a fashion designer. She is also one of the few models that have appeared in many fragrance collections.

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Candice Huffine and her Fascinating Plus-size Fashion

Being a plus-size does not limit your freedom or your fashion choices, and one definite example of an impressive woman who redefined high fashion is Candice Huffine. From CR Fashion Book to Vogue, she has been a very successful woman who kept on proving that fashion knows no size. And to give you a glimpse of her fascinating life and plus-size fashion, we’ve rounded up her inspirational journey to success. Continue reading

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