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Celebrity Fashion Snippets: How to Style Ankle Boots

We just have to say that ankle boots are definitely a wardrobe essential. Not only these shoe wonders are high key fashionable, they are also very comfy and versatile. The right pair of ankle boots can take you to pretty much wherever you want, whatever event it may be! May it be a casual meeting with friends, a day at work or a fancy dinner date, ankle boots work wonders. There is no doubt that they are very practical, which is why we see them a lot on celebrities and models! Continue reading

30 Best Red Carpet Moments of 2016

Time flies really fast! In just a couple of days, we are about to kiss 2016 goodbye and great a whole new year ahead of us. This year had its own ups and downs; in the fashion world, it’s either hot or not. Hollywood has been really amazing and a ton of gorgeous celebrities definitely stunned us in so many levels. We have listed these celebrities along with the designer pieces of their choice to take a look back at their greatest fashion moments. So before we wrap this year up, we would like to dedicate this article to the most unforgettable red carpet looks this year. Continue reading

15 Fashionable Evening Clutches Perfect for the Holidays

The year is about to end and this season truly calls for a lot of fun holidays all lined up. So because there surely will be a series of fun holiday events to attend, it is quite obvious that we have to glam up a bit than usual. Since the holidays are quite festive, it is only proper to complement such fun series of events with the right fashion pieces to flaunt. Continue reading

Quick Fashion Tips and Tricks to Look Slimmer for Winter

A lot of women love the fall and winter season as it allows most of us to dress up more fashionably in layers. However, it is also quite easy to drown yourself in clothing just to wrap yourself up and keep warm against the freezing winter weather. There are times that the temperature would go so low that you are left with no choice but to layer unflattering puffer clothes that leave you looking shapeless! The thing with styling up for the winter season is that we tend to go for everything that is thick and layer them thoughtlessly in hopes of keeping ourselves warm. Well, you can absolutely get the same amount of coziness and warmth with better-fitting clothes. We swear it is not that difficult to do! Continue reading

The Fascinating World of Royal Hats

If you don’t catch a royalty wearing her glorious diamond crown, you’ll see her wearing her fancy hat. Hats play a very huge role in royal fashion. It is a signature look that the royal highnesses always wear together with their chosen outfit particularly in special occasions. If you still remember Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, we are pretty sure that the amount of fancy hats definitely caught your attention. Well, a royal event is never complete without hats after all! Continue reading

A Glimpse of Zelda Fitzgerald’s Fashion ‘Z:The Beginning of Everything’

If you are a fan of period drama series that takes place somewhere in the 20s to 40s, then here’s another TV series to watch out for. Amazon Prime just dropped the trailer for a new period drama series titled “Z: The Beginning of Everything”. The drama series focuses on Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald whose character is going to be played by no other than Christina Ricci. The plot of the drama series will run through Zelda’s life prior to meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald, who later became her husband. Continue reading

Michelle Obama:Glamorous Outfits for the Holiday Season

The Obamas have left so much influence to the world that we would like to take you for a bit of flashback ride before the year ends. One of the public’s favorite topic have always been the First Lady’s fashion and today. We went for a bit of memory ride as well and went through the best ensembles Michelle Obama have worn all throughout the years that she’s been in the public eye. Continue reading

Maternity Wear Fashion for the Winter Season

If you are a winter soon-to-be mommy, then you are probably thinking how to shield yourself and your precious little one from the cold. Choosing your winter wardrobe was never a piece of cake because you have to consider a lot of layering and mix and matching for you to be able to come up with something warm and stylish! Now that you are expecting a baby and it turns out to happen in the shivering winter season, there’s much more to consider now that you are trying to keep the both of you warm. If you are thinking about layering tons of heavy fabric just to keep you warm, well, you can stop right there and read this article we wrote especially for you and your precious little one right there! Continue reading

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