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Fashion Throwback: A Glimpse on the Evolution of Maternity Fashion

It is quite fascinating how the world of fashion has changed all throughout many decades. This includes how expecting mothers incorporate fashion style in their maternity clothing. If we are about to compare maternity fashion today to how it was over 100 years ago, you will definitely be in awe at how drastic the changes have become. Back then, pregnant women try their best to conceal their bumps by wearing oversized billowing dresses whereas today, mommies embrace their precious baby bumps with fitting bodycon clothes! Join us as we go through the history on how maternity fashion has evolved. Continue reading

Biggest Room Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Not a lot of people understand the essence of decorating their homes which is why for some, decorating their very own humble abode can either be fun or boring. Whichever it may be, one fact is for sure – home decorating is quite challenging. It’s easy to buy things you want to put onto your walls or your favorite table tops but it’s always a struggle to have them all blend in perfect harmony! Fret not because you are not alone. These decorating dilemmas have been a common encounter for many of us. In this article, we did a bit of research plus asked some interior designers on what things should we always be careful about when it comes to decorating. Here are some of the most common and biggest room decorating mistakes we all commit and how to fix them. Continue reading

Thrifty and Trendy: 10 Fashion DIYs to Try

The world of fashion is quite vast and to enumerate all its pieces would be an impossible journey to take. This is why fashion experiments knows no limits! There’s always something new to check out – may it be from the most luxurious designer brand you can think of or from a few pieces you create yourself at home! The beauty of the internet has brought us endless possibilities on DIY-ing our favorite fashion finds. In this article, we have collected 10 Fashion DIYs that you can try right now. No sweat and no extra cash to fritter away. All you get is hip and trendy fashion pieces with your own, unique creative touch to it. Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101: Gorgeous Bohemian Theme Ideas

Wedding planning is something most of us find thrilling yet nerve-wracking to do. Of course, your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment since you are going to share it with the love of your life, it is only natural that you want everything to be perfect. Well, first off, you might be thinking of a motif to go with. If you are a couple that embraces such carefree and nature-loving personality, we have a feeling that a Bohemian Wedding is the perfect theme for you! Continue reading

10 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women with Square-shaped Face

There are tons of different hairstyles that can either make or break your whole look. There are certain hairstyles that look gorgeously amazing on your friend’s face but when you finally decided to get the same haircut, you find it quite unflattering. One huge factor involved in this is your face shape. Every face shape has a corresponding haircut that flatters your face. It is either you enhance or disguise your face shape depending on personal preference. Continue reading

Trendy Editorial Style Fashion Ideas to Flaunt the Classic Plaid Prints

The forever famous plaid print has always been a constant fashion staple in every person’s wardrobe. Plaid fashion pieces have been around for quite a long time and there is no doubt that plaid pieces are still deemed very fashionable until today. While they can be worn all year round, plaid pieces are usually a personal favorite for many during the fall and winter season. No wonder why we can see almost every person wearing one as the cold season is already here! Continue reading

Emma Watson: A Walkthrough in her Career and Fashion Timeline

Today’s vast entertainment industry is filled with countless amazing actresses who perfectly excel in their craft. But while there are just so many huge names that echo in Hollywood today, we can only spot a few who really explored things beyond acting. In this article, we would like to celebrate an actress’ dramatic transition in terms of her life and career. More than acting and modeling, she is an activist who fights side by side with billions of women around the world. She battles for the rights of women suffering from inequality and discrimination all across the globe. Continue reading

How to Dress Yourself Like a Chic French Woman

France is one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. With this being mentioned, it’s no surprise that people in that country dresses up fashionably as a way of life. In addition to this, huge fashion events such as the annual fashion week happens in Paris – one more reason why French women are very much updated with the hottest fashion trends from the biggest names in fashion. Well of course, dressing up the chic French way is not only limited to French people! In fact, the world of fashion encourages us to be experimental in terms of style; regardless of where we come from. If you are one of the millions of women greatly inspired by how French girls dress in style, this article is definitely for you. Here are very important style factors that you may want to check out if you want to dress yourself like a chic French woman. Continue reading

Designing Homes with Style: Emily Henderson

Having stylish interiors for our home gives a very fulfilling feeling for many of us. While designing our very own home is such a fun and satisfying thing to do, it is true that it’s not always easy. To successfully design your home to perfection, you’ll need time, money, effort and most of all – inspiration.

In line with amazingly beautified interiors, we thought of talking about Emily Henderson. If you are a home aficionado and if you watch HGTV on a regular basis, you are probably highly familiar of her. We can’t help but be in great awe whenever we browse around her glorious interior designs!

How it all began: Emily Henderrson’s Journey to Styling

Emily Henderson is a stylist, TV host and author well-known for very creative home interior designs. She’s currently 37 years old and she started in the home styling business in 2007. While Emily graduated with a degree in History and English from the University of Oregon, she landed into many different jobs not related to her course. She moved to New York without any clear career path but what she solely had in mind is to pursue her dreams.

With so much hard work and passion inside Emily, she carried on to a more creative journey. She applied to be on HGTV’s Design Star show and because of her immense creativity and talent, she won. Since then, she also produced a TV show of her own called Secrets of Stylist. This led to her prominence and fame in the field of home designing. She even gained a huge following of fans, including top celebrities all across the globe!

Interior Design Blog

“I started this interior design blog in 2010 as a journal of my style and home projects with the belief that design should be approachable, informational and accessible no matter what budget.”

Emily Henderson has a particular sense of style that truly enamors home enthusiasts. According to her, she has a signature touch which involves a mix of vintage pieces. She believes that a room without any type of vintage piece is soulless. Whether it’s a furniture that draws function or sentiment, it truly adds a unique touch to every home.

Emily Henderson’s Most Popular Creations

In Emily Henderson’s official blog, she showcases some of her greatest design work through her online portfolio. As we browse through her numerous amazing work, we have come across exceptional ones that truly epitomizes individualism in interior designing. Check out some of her work straight from her online portfolio which you can see right here.

Blue & White Sun Room

Photographed by Tessa Neudstadt, this beautiful interiors embrace the delightful sea breeze with its minimalist furniture. Its subtle touch of blues gave life to its neat, white walls. We can notice how the color complements to how the window attracts natural light! Isn’t it a relaxing view?

Ban Do Office

If there’s a place girls should go party to, it’s Ban Do’s studio! It has this quirky pink interiors that brightens up everybody’s mood in an instant. Emily described her feeling while working on Ban Do Studio’s design as “Love at first site and the perfect whirlwind romance“. Well, based on how everything turned out – it’s definitely love!

Pillowfort Playroom and Nursery Makeover

Emily used Target’s new kids decor line, Pillowfort, which consists of really wonderful and affordable decoration pieces for kids. The colors are very pleasing – perfect for young kids! We also love how creative the pieces are which would greatly benefit the young one’s creative mind.

The Fig House

Photographed by Ryan Phillips, this modern interior design gave way to marry antique wooden pieces to modernized colored furniture. It’s a very innovative combination that turned out gorgeously beautiful! The colors of the interiors gives a warm and delightful feeling that transcends into something vibrant and uplifting mood.

Weekend Crashers

Here’s another modern mix of vintage furniture along with artsy frame placement. The colors are definitely a delightful mix. In addition to that, hanging art and photos in random frames also makes a beautifully creative way to save space.  Read: Biggest Room Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Lake House

Well, this is not quite the “lake house” from the Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves romantic flick. However, just as how that was beautifully designed, this one gives it enchanting interiors too! According to Emily Henderson’s blog:

This lake house was a massive renovation with a not-so-massive budget. It was meant to feel like a really casual, fun, easy weekend home, for a pretty adorable family. The client and I were very much aligned in styles and she was just as happy with thrift store finds (like that wicker elephant) as she was splurging on a sofa. There were some challenges, of course, but generally it was a lovely project with a super happy ending.

Bri Emery’s House

Bri Emery is the blogger genius behind DesignLoveFest and Blogshop. Emily Henderson was the one who designed her new space by adding touches of unique furniture to match Bri and her boyfriend’s creativity.

STYLED – Book by Emily Henderson

Now a New York Times Bestseller, Styled is a book authored by Emily Henderson which takes you to a whole new styling approach in terms of beautifying your humble abode. Styled aims to free you from having your personal style trapped inside a box. As Emily says, “The single biggest problem I confront with my clients, friends and family is ‘style paralysis’. They are just stuck and because of that they don’t do ANYTHING for fear that what they will do will waste money, time or generally be embarrassing and lose them friends.”.

Styled is a complete and honest guide for people who are not sure about what kind of approach should they take in terms of interior designing. It aims to be exact and simple as it walks you through pages of interior designs to let you come up with your own style. Emily Henderson wishes to guide you on how to add a distinct personality to your home – your own way! Need more ideas in designing your own home? Check out Top 8 Tips to Maximize a Tiny Home

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

Summer is here and it’s that perfect time again to plan a road trip. As the weather becomes a bit friendlier, road trips become more and more ideal especially among friends. It’s a kind of a unique, spontaneous journey that you share with people in order to have fun while strengthening relationships. In addition to that, road trips can leave you footprints of great memories to share and go back to. However, it is true that road trips can either be a fun journey or a disaster. We are pretty sure you have already heard your fair share of road trip horror stories! Well, in this article, we would like to share some tips in order for you and your friends to experience the perfect road trip. No hassle, no stress – only fun, friendship and excitement! If you feel like planning a road trip with your group of friends soon, here’s an article you shouldn’t miss. Continue reading

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