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Michelle Obama:Glamorous Outfits for the Holiday Season

The Obamas have left so much influence to the world that we would like to take you for a bit of flashback ride before the year ends. One of the public’s favorite topic have always been the First Lady’s fashion and today. We went for a bit of memory ride as well and went through the best ensembles Michelle Obama have worn all throughout the years that she’s been in the public eye. Continue reading

Maternity Wear Fashion for the Winter Season

If you are a winter soon-to-be mommy, then you are probably thinking how to shield yourself and your precious little one from the cold. Choosing your winter wardrobe was never a piece of cake because you have to consider a lot of layering and mix and matching for you to be able to come up with something warm and stylish! Now that you are expecting a baby and it turns out to happen in the shivering winter season, there’s much more to consider now that you are trying to keep the both of you warm. If you are thinking about layering tons of heavy fabric just to keep you warm, well, you can stop right there and read this article we wrote especially for you and your precious little one right there! Continue reading

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