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Giveaway Contest–Color Your Wardrobe with JustFashionNow

It is never too early or too late to step up your fashion game and shop for some new clothes! Here at JustFashionNow, we always believe that style is everyone’s life gear. The right choice of stylish pieces to fill your wardrobe is quite significant in embracing your lifestyle. JustFashionNow’s vast collection of indie designer brands carry clothes that will absolutely cater to your specific style needs. From decadent accessories to fancy evening gowns – we have got you all covered! To kick off your 2017 fashion wardrobe with fresh and fashionable style pieces, we are super thrilled to have you join our giveaway contest!

It’s Giveaway time! Let JustFashionNow help you out revamp your fashion wardrobe this season as we are giving away 2 Winners of shopping coupons worth $150! Do you want to know how this works? The mechanics are super easy and simple. Are you ready for this?!

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Color Your Wardrobe with JustFashionNow Giveaway Mechanics

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We are giving away $150 worth of shopping coupons to TWO (2) lucky Winners! This giveaway contest is open for our followers in the US, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Australia. Winners will be chosen randomly via electronic raffle by JustFashionNow.

Now is the time for you to color your wardrobe and transform your sense of fashion. Get ready to spice your style up by mix and matching your favorite JustFashionNow pieces. Join our giveaway and get the chance to experience a stylish shopping spree for you to indulge in! Are you ready to win? Don’t forget to browse through to check out unique and fashionable pieces that you wish to take home!


10 Fashionable Braids to Try for Short Hair

The summer heat is here! We are pretty sure you have been itching to chop those long tresses off for a fresh, new short hairdo. Well, cutting your hair short isn’t a very easy decision to make because once you go for it, there’s no turning back. In addition, you are probably thinking about how your choice of hairstyles would be so limited once you go short. One of the most popular hairstyles you are going to most likely miss is doing braids on your hair. It’s easy to braid your hair if you have got long tresses. However, it may seem sort of impossible to do so if you are a short-haired girl. But hey, that’s not true at all! You can definitely try out so many types of fashionable summer braids even if you have short hair. Curious on what these styles are? Then you only have to keep on scrolling down! Continue reading

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Ginger

It’s no surprise to many of us to actually find ginger in the list of ingredients of many beauty and household products. Ginger has been very well-known for its exceptional properties beneficial to the health. In addition to this, it is rich in antioxidants and antibiotics which makes it a natural and effective medicine for many health concerns. Not only that it greatly benefits our health, it also has tons of impressive beauty benefits. This actually explains why a lot of new beauty products feature ginger as one of their key ingredients. If you want to know more about how ginger can benefit you, you are totally in the right article. Here are some amazing health and beauty benefits of ginger that you need to know. Continue reading

15 Low Maintenance Haircuts You Can Try this Summer Season

It’s pretty enticing to copy the hairstyles you see as you flip the pages of Vogue and so you go to your favorite hair salon to have the same haircut copied. It’s easy to get obsessed over your haircut as soon as you step out of the salon and the obsession may go on for a couple of more days. However, as days go by, you may have probably noticed how difficult it is to maintain. It’s not as gorgeous as how it was the first few days and soon enough, you realize you have to chop it all over again just to maintain it! Continue reading

10 Trendy Ideas for What to Make with Your Old Jeans

Denims are very versatile. In the world of fashion, denims make quite an appearance in magazine spreads, runway and celebrity ensembles. As it is a timeless piece and an ever-fashionable wardrobe staple, we all tend to hoard denim jeans in our closet. True enough, denim jeans are everybody’s casual go-to! As we uncontrollably shop for new denim pieces, we tend to forget the ones that already became outdated. If you have denim jeans which no longer fit you or if you still own a pair of that early millennium elephant jeans, then it’s time to get rid of them! Well, we are not talking about tossing them straight to the bin. Let’s be a little more creative and consider innovative ideas to transform your old denim jeans into something hip and trendy! We have searched the most popular app when it comes to creative ideas – Pinterest – and found several ideas that let you creatively and fashionably transform your old denim jeans. If you want to know what to do with your old denims, keep on reading! Continue reading

How to Protect and Clean Your Suede Leather Shoes

Suede shoes are very popular in the world of fashion especially during autumn and winter seasons. This type of leather is softer than the traditional ones which make it more comfortable to wear. In addition to that, it has the ability to make your feet comfortably warm during the freezing weather. While suede shoes are really pretty and comfy, they are also quite known for being delicate. Just like other types of leather, it also requires special care. If you own a pair of suede shoes, you’d surely know the struggles of caring for them. They tend to attract stains and get immensely wrinkled when they get in contact with water. Continue reading

Edgy and High Fashion Ways to Style Sheer Clothing

Breezy sheer clothes can be your best friends for the spring and summer season. We all know how stylish sheer clothes can look especially when they are donned by the stars and worn by fashion models but we have to admit that styling one can be a real struggle. Sheer clothes are usually worn to flash a bit of skin or brag about your underwear – but really, this isn’t a style that everybody digs. We have to admit that it looks sexy but did you know that there’s definitely something more to than just these overexposing fashion ideas? Yes, you can wear sheer clothes in style and there are many ways to do it! Whether you choose to layer it on or bare it all – you can absolutely flaunt one if you want to. Continue reading

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