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It has been already quite a few years since a 22 years old green-eyed beauty with a name Taylor Hill shined as a Victoria´s Secret´s model for the first time. The first time it was exactly in 2005. She is not only a remarkable pretty face with a perfect body to envy but also a fashion diva who knows everything about the last beauty and fashion trends. We can not only see it during the special occasions she attends but also on her Instagram account where she shares a lot of photos together with the things from her life. In today´s article, we will share a few tips on how to be as cool as this just wonderful beauty. Do you want to know the keys to accomplish a stylish wardrobe? Then continue reading this article.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

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Back to basics

Models, in general, are known for their easy-going and simple styling together with their fashion creations. Basic clothing means mostly the simplest clothing pieces. Actually, it is a very good thing. Usually, it is because they are easy to match with most pieces of clothing. You just need to have the right ones in your wardrobe. One of the best ones are definitely a white tank top or a T-shirt, a pair of the perfectly fitting denim jeans, an elegant patterned blouse, a denim or leather jacket and, of course, the others.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

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Say yes to rompers

This piece of clothing is definitely one of the summer must-haves you have to acquire. There are already a lot of types, styles and patterns available in the stores. Among the flowers on the fabric, very trendy are vertical stripes as well. When wearing the rompers you don´t have to be afraid of absolutely anything – just pick the right shoes, bag and accessories you would like to wear together and you can go!

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T-shirts with the patterns

Or T-shirt with any other kind of an application. With wearing mostly the basic things, sometimes you might feel you would like to change your look somehow. For this kind of situation, the T-shirts with the patterns are a good opportunity to do so. It can be a cartoon character, random text, something sweet etc. It is completely up to you because you are the one, who know what defines you the best. Also, you can choose among different applications such as fringes, pearls, beads, sequins, feathers etc.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

Source: Malen Dyer

Immortal denim

An immortal item which will be fashionable and trendy probably forever. Well, on the other side, who would not love denim, right? We, and also a lot of celebrities, definitely say yes. It can be easily matched with everything and you can make various outfit styles – elegant, sweet, urban etc. Again, it is up to your imagination. Let´s break the rules and express how do you truly feel like.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

Source: Instagram

Light chiffon kimono

Kimono style cardigans have been popular for a quite a few years now as well. They are just a wonderful type of clothing to wear mostly during the spring and summer time. Usually, kimono cardigans are made out of a light and breathable material which is just like made for the hot days. It is usually used as a significant accessory on top.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

Source: Instagram

Sweet mini dress

Especially during the spring and summer, a lot of women tend to start to wear different styles of dresses. The cute mini dress is always a win-win. This is the best way how to become sweet, romantic and elegant fast and at once.

Black and grey shades

Do you remember, when the all-black outfits were one of the most fashionable styles to wear? Nowadays it applies to the different shades of grey as well. With combining items in only these two colours and shades you can create a seriously cool and badass outfit. Bring a dark side of you to life this summer!

Source: E Online

Warm knitted turtleneck pullover

When you live in a place with a colder climate, you may need to wear some knitting items sooner than the others. Turtlenecks are the very popular ones. The most favourite colours are definitely a bright red, dark royal blue and an emerald one. But pastels are still the trendy ones too.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

Source: Instagram

Dress and sneakers combo

Who said you can´t wear something elegant with something that is sporty? It is only up to you how you try wearing pieces of clothing and shoes together. If you are from those who are not afraid of being different, we definitely recommend you to try this look at least once. It will not only be elegant, but comfortable too at the same time.

Taylor Hill Fashion Style 2018

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Scarf as a hat

You may be a bit surprised now, but scarves are not only for wearing during the autumn or winter. You can actually create some interesting outfits with them used as a special accessory. During the summer, when you spend more time outside and on the sun, protection is definitely a number one thing to worry and care about. If you do not like wearing hats or caps, you can also choose the already mentioned scarf. Just tie it up simply in the back underneath the hair and you will see yourself. You will not want to wear anything else instead. Believe us!

Fringes and sequins

Are you about to attend a special fancy occasion? And you still do not know what to wear for this wonderful opportunity? We have a tip right for you! The answer is the elegant evening dress with fringes and sequins as an application. This way you will shine as a real fashion diva for 100%. Be sure to have a lot of eyes on yourself!

Two-piece clothing

Almost the same case as rompers. With two-piece clothes, you do not have to spend a lot of time with thinking about matching them with the other items. They are already made to match themselves. You just simply wear them together. The only thing you have to worry about are the accessories. But it won´t be that much of a deal when you already have the whole outfit, right?

Clear sunglasses

One of the 2018 year´s fashion trends are also the clear sunglasses. Do not be mistaken. Even if they are complete without any colour, they can protect your eyes very well if they contain the right UV filters and stuff.

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