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A Deeper Look at Audrey Hepburn’s Fashion Legacy

The year 2016 made a lot of names echo in terms of Hollywood and fashion. But if there’s one person that reigns both the big screen and the entire fashion world, that would be no other than the one and only Audrey Hepburn. We are pretty sure that you would agree when we say that Audrey Hepburn is a legend and a fashion icon. When the Golden Age of Hollywood is being talked about, Audrey Hepburn’s name is an inevitable mention for she had ruled Hollywood during her time. Continue reading

20 Best Fashion Looks of 2016: Celine Dion

There’s definitely no person in this world who can’t recognize who Celine Dion is. Being one of the most successful and most prominent singers of all time, Celine Dion’s influence has reached global dominance. With more than three decades of stardom, there is no doubt that she’s also one of the most popular fashion icons of the decade. Continue reading

The Interesting Fashion of 1970s

Bell-bottomed trousers, vintage coats, pantsuits— these were the well-loved trends during the ’70s. Such decade was portrayed by flamboyant and distinct styles, which was partially dominated by the hippies. Apparently, the decade became the start of an interesting fashion revolution. 1970’s was far more blown up than the previous decades and it created some trends that are even popular up to the present time. Continue reading

Look Dashing in New Year with Celebrity-Inspired Fashion

Saying our farewell to 2016 is quite a bittersweet thing to do. For sure, this year had its own ups and downs but it is still worth a glamorous appreciation. As people around the globe celebrate the arrival of a whole new year, it is quite sure that choosing the perfect New Year’s Eve ensemble is a huge part of the festivities. It is only natural that one would fancy looking festive and irresistible to greet 2017! Continue reading

Festive Nail Art Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here! From church bells ringing to Christmas tree lighting, no doubt Christmas is the most anticipated event all year round. Children and adults from all parts of the globe are geared up with their holiday costumes and house decorations. If your home and costume are all set for the merriest season of the year, then you and your nails should be ready too. Transform your dull nails into a very fascinating holiday nail art. Don’t let your nails go unnoticed with these elegant designs. Continue reading

A Glimpse of Zelda Fitzgerald’s Fashion ‘Z:The Beginning of Everything’

If you are a fan of period drama series that takes place somewhere in the 20s to 40s, then here’s another TV series to watch out for. Amazon Prime just dropped the trailer for a new period drama series titled “Z: The Beginning of Everything”. The drama series focuses on Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald whose character is going to be played by no other than Christina Ricci. The plot of the drama series will run through Zelda’s life prior to meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald, who later became her husband. Continue reading

Michelle Obama:Glamorous Outfits for the Holiday Season

The Obamas have left so much influence to the world that we would like to take you for a bit of flashback ride before the year ends. One of the public’s favorite topic have always been the First Lady’s fashion and today. We went for a bit of memory ride as well and went through the best ensembles Michelle Obama have worn all throughout the years that she’s been in the public eye. Continue reading

Swoon in Blues: Holiday Outfit Inspirations

Brighten up the holiday season by experimenting with more vibrant and exhilarating colors! Let’s take a break from the usual monochromes and go for something a bit more diverse. If you loved our previous articles on Holiday Color Inspirations in Red, Green and Orange, then you are definitely going to love adding another rainbow hue on your holiday wardrobe shopping list. Continue reading

Must-Have Fashionable Pleated Skirts to Shop for Right Now

If there’s one thing we must say about completing your fashion wardrobe, it is that pleated skirts are simply everything! They are exceptionally fashionable, they never go out of style, they come in various selections and most of all, they are extremely comfy to wear. Pleated skirts have enamored women worldwide for years as it is quite a versatile fashion piece to wear in various occasions. It can be your casual go-to skirt or your fancy night out attire. Continue reading

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