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9 Instances Where Kate Middleton Channeled Princess Diana’s Legendary Fashion


It’s a fact that Princess Diana was one of the biggest style icons in the history of fashion. Princess Diana’s style was both chic and daring, pushing the boundaries for royal style. Her signature off-duty looks were also bold silhouettes. Kate Middleton, the current Princess Of Wales, was inspired by her style.

Kate Middleton has honored Diana’s style even though they never met. She is known for her love of bold colors, and her jewelry collection. Kate Middleton’s style is a tribute to Diana, even though they never met. She has always been known to wear bold colors and a lot of jewelry.

Kate Middleton has imitated Princess Diana’s iconic style nine times, from tartans, tweed, and polka dots.

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Timeless Tartan

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Classic tartan is the pattern most associated with Great Britain. Traditional tartan has been a staple of the royal family for hundreds years. It has evolved over time. Kate Middleton’s surprisingly similar tartan jacket to Princess Diana is a great example of this. Kate Middleton wore the same dark green and red coat Diana wore back in 1990 on Christmas Day 2017. What’s the only difference? Diana’s was slim and blazer-like, while Kate chose a boxier shape with double-breasted button.

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Cobalt Suiting

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Kate Middleton made a bold statement in the cobalt suit she wore at the Coronation King Charles III 2023. A gorgeous choker, and an intricate headpiece completed the look. The suit Princess Diana wore in 1981 to announce her marriage to Charles is strikingly similar.

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Blue Polka Dots

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Kate Middleton was a style icon for Princess Diana in 2019 when she took her cues. Kate Middleton wore an eye-catching blue polka-dot dress to an event celebrating the 75th anniversary D-Day landings of World War II. Although it wasn’t exactly the same dress that Diana wore in 1990, the similarities are striking. Kate chose a navy dress with a classic neckline, while Diana wore a light blue dress with an exaggerated neckline.

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Pretty In Pink

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Kate Middleton opted for a whimsical outfit when she attended the Wimbledon Tennis Championship in 2017. The dress was a pale pink shade with feminine details like a ribbon and puffy sleeves. She was probably inspired by Diana, as she wore a vibrant pink color similar to what the Princess wore in 1982.

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Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

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Both princesses have worn royal jewels handed down through the generations. We recognized the headpiece worn by Kate Middleton, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara. It is a silver tiara that has dangling diamond and pearl details.

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Black Polka Dots

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The princesses are polka-dot lovers. Kate and Diana both wore the pattern at formal events. Kate wore the same black and white dress with matching hat to the Royal Ascot in 2022 that Diana wore on Derby Day, 1986.

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Red & Black

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Kate’s reference to Diana at the St. David’s Day Parade of 2023 was one of her most accurate. Middleton’s red and black outfit was a modernized version what Diana wore at a 1993 Christmas celebration. Middleton opted for a smaller, sculptural hat while Diana chose a wide-brimmed design.

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Pearl Chokers

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Although not exactly the same choker Diana wore with the infamous “revenge” dress, it was close enough to be able to see the similarity. Kate wore four pearl strands as a choker at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. In the middle, the pearls were connected to an ornate charm in silver. Diana’s had nearly twice as many pearls with a large blue stone at the center.

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Tweed Jackets

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Kate’s tailored brown plaid jacket was almost identical to the jacket worn by Diana during a royal visit in 2021 to honor those who died in the Holocaust. What is the only difference between this jacket and that worn by Lady Di during her honeymoon? Middelton’s jacket was longer and belted, while Lady Di’s jacket was shorter and boxier.

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