8 Mistakes You May be Making that Will Ruin Your Clothes

It is a fact that the favorite space in our bedroom is our wardrobe. It tells a thousand tales, tales of numerous shopping spree and discount sales. We fill our wardrobe with clothes that are really close to our heart. Clothes that makes us look the best, clothes that make us be comfortable wherever we are. It is one of our most prized possession, and we treat them so, giving the utmost attention and care to make it last for as long as it can. But sometimes, we do things that unknowingly ruin these prized possessions. Let us take a look at some of the ways we unknowingly end up ruining our clothes so that we can keep them in mind and be careful next time.

1. Separating the light clothes from dark

It is very important to segregate the light ones from the dark as it leads to not blending the colors of the dark with the light. Most of the dark shaded clothes have a lot of dye in it which might come off during the process of washing. So segregating will help to not let the dye get to the light ones.

2. Hangers

Different fabrics need different types of hangers. Sometimes we hang clothes which are smaller when compared to the garment. This causes indentations in the shirt as you must have noticed on the shoulders. The weight of the garment will be distributed unevenly when a narrow hanger is used. Some garments which are very delicate requires a felt hanger instead of wire hangers. This helps the garment to be supported evenly throughout. Investing in felt hangers will enough grip to support thin silky fabrics. Also, we tend to fold pants instead of hanging them. When there is scarce of space in the wardrobe we fold and stack our pants which will result in developing unwanted wrinkles and folds. Hanging pants will get rid of this issue completely.

3. Over washing your clothes

Over washing your clothes

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Over washing clothes will considerably reduce its lifespan. It is said that the number of times a garment is washed helps in determining its lifetime. The less it is washed, the more it lasts. A garment goes through vigorous treatments while being washed and the result is always right in front of you. A washed garment will never look the same. It will be clean but will have lost a bit of its glow. So, one thing to keep in mind is to wash a garment only when it is necessary. This will also help reduce immediate costs such as detergent cost and water usage. A garment brush can be used in some cases to remove dry stains.

4. Dry cleaning very often

Dry cleaning very often

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Dry cleaning very often will leave the fabric very weak. After an extend it can even break the fabric and ruin the garment for you. Especially when the garment is made of delicate materials, the damage taken will be a little too much. Make sure to check the tag and see if the garment is ‘dry clean only’ or ‘dry clean’. If it is in the former category, make sure to take it to your dry cleaners. Or else you can hand wash the garment a few times before taking it to the dry cleaner. Most of the nylon, cashmere and polyester fabrics are the ‘dry clean’ kind.

5. Storing clothes in dry clean bags

The first thing to do once your clothes come back from dry cleaning is to remove it from the dry clean plastic bags. This is because the plastic can trap humidity and doors in it which will affect the fabric in a bad way. Also, the fabric needs to breathe. Avoid wrinkles and creasing while hanging the garments, this can be done by leaving space between each hanger. One inch between each hanger being the perfect distance.

6. Washing your denim

Washing your denim

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You will be surprised if someone tells you that you are washing your denim the wrong way. Instead of washing it straight away, it has to be put inside out before washing. This will help in not letting the fabric fade. Also, it is ideal to fasten the zippers, buttons and hooks before tossing your jeans into the washer. This will lead the garments to not get into a tangled mess and destroy your precious clothes. Another thing to do would be to freeze your denim overnight instead of washing. This will help kill all the harmful bacteria and prevents the denim from doing through the tough beating of washing.

7. Let the dirty clothes dry

Let the dirty clothes dry

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Working out is a great thing. Helps you get in shape or buff up, gets you where you want to be. But that does not mean you can store all your dirty and sweaty clothes in the gym back. Do not leave the dirty clothes in the gym bag for long. Take it out and lay it out to dry. Putting the dirty and sweating clothes to was right away without drying will lead to the garments stinky and leave the bacteria right where they are. Let the garments get some air. This will help it easier to get rid of the smell and bacteria while washing. This small step can help you lead a much hygienic life.

8. Washing with hot water

Washing with hot water

Source: Organic Soul

A good majority of us think that clothes shrink because of the harsh treatment it receives in the washer. But that is not always true. Most of us do have the habit of hand washing our clothes with hot water with the belief that hot water will help to kill all the bacteria, remove stains and smell. But this has an adverse effect on your clothes as exposing clothes to high temperature and then drying them will result in the garment shrinking. Unless you are looking to make the garment to fit a little more, it is better not to wash them in hot water.

It is heartbreaking to have your precious garments being ruined because of such practices. So here are a few things you can keep in mind to protect your clothes. Keep note of these and let your garments stay with you for a much longer time. To keep your bedroom sorted, check out Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Room.

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