7 Summer Outfits You Can Actually Wear to Work

Hello everyone! Long time no see! ~ We do really hope that you missed us (and our fashion-related articles) at least a bit. We are truly sorry we did not publish that much recently, but this case is not a problem anymore! We are back in a game again with the newest summer and fashion-related article. Since the summer already officially started and the temperatures are seriously (and even dangerously) high, we decided on publishing something that will not only be a trendy guide but a helpful one as well. In today´s article, we will be presenting 7 summer outfits you can actually wear to work in the case, you absolutely ran of the OOTD ideas. We will also try to cover as many styles as we can and we will show you the fashion pieces you will not sweat in that much! If you are interested in what we have prepared for you, continue reading the article. Shall we? 🙂

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Black Sexy Bodycon V neck Sleeveless Color-block Work Midi Dress

The first dress we will be presenting is a bodycon one → Black Sexy Bodycon V neck Sleeveless Color-block Work Midi Dress. This dress will not only provide you with a breathable outfit, but it will also flatter your figure. Just look at the pattern composed of the black, white and beige colour. Optically, it will make you look taller and slender, so you do not have to be worried if you gain a kilo or two. Just be yourself and put up some confidence. You can do it, girl! Also, it is a really good idea for those, who just love to wear dresses since they do not like spending hours with matching fashion pieces. This women bodycon dress has also a deeper V-shaped neckline.

Source: StyleWe

Work Solid Knot Front Stand Collar Top With Pants

The old good black elegant pants are the best friend of any women. In case you are totally out of the ideas about what to wear, this fashion piece can seriously save your life. They can be combined with anything → T-shirts, blouses, heels, flats, sneakers etc. It completely depends on your mood and on your taste, how will you style them. Also, since they are provided in black, they will make your body look slimmer as well. Try looking at → Work Solid Knot Front Stand Collar Top With Pants, maybe they will reach your heart.

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One Shoulder Bodycon Knitted Solid Maxi Dress

Another dress-related outfit tip is the One Shoulder Bodycon Knitted Solid Maxi Dress in a lovely and soft, romantic violet colour. As you can see, it is a longer midi dress, which is a bodycon one and it also has the fabric belt in the middle. Other women knitted dress which will make miracles with your body! In case of wearing this dress, we do recommend you to choose the ordinary heels or the heeled sandals with it. Since it is the one-shoulder style dress, it will also bring you some attention 🙂

Source: StyleWe

Solid Shirt Collar Casual Daily Half Sleeve Knitted T-Shirt

Next piece of clothing is the solid women T-shirt which can be also worn during the many different occasions. For example, as pictured, it can be matched together with the silver metallic midi pleated skirt combined together with the solid and simple silver jewellery. Or it can be reversed, brought to the dark tones since the Solid Shirt Collar Casual Daily Half Sleeve Knitted T-Shirt is also available in the black colour! Which one would you choose? 🙂

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Yellow Elegant Top With Skirt Asymmetric Sheath Set

 This time we do have something slightly different. The Yellow Elegant Top With Skirt Asymmetric Sheath Set which will bring you back in a time when you were a young little child and you wanted to feel like a superhero with a cape. Now you can fulfil your desires with this bright yellow dress made of the light and breathable material. It is very good to match with the white or magenta accessories – such as handbags, heeled sandals, scarves etc. This is also a great solution for women who are not friendly and confident while wearing deeper necklines. In case of this dress, you do not have to be “on guard” every single time you are about to bend or something.

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Balloon Sleeve Bodycon Elegant Slit Midi Dress
Next variant which you can choose to wear to work is a Balloon Sleeve Bodycon Elegant Slit Midi Dress in a lovely and vivid purple colour. It looks like a pure lilac, do not you think? Also, we really do like the buttoned detail in the front. Balloon sleeves make this dress looking more sophisticated and luxurious. They give of something like a “rich” vibes. This colour is seriously pretty, especially if worn during the spring, but be careful → people with very pale skin might look sick in that. And you would not like that to happen, right?

Source: StyleWe

Bodycon Solid Elegant Work Mini Dress
Last but not least is the Bodycon Solid Elegant Work Mini Dress in an interesting light greeny blue colour. It is another sophisticated and classy dress which will transform you into a business and boss woman in a few seconds. Combined with the simple heels or the heeled sandals together with the handbag and the pearls → nothing can beat you! The interesting thing about this dress is a fact, that it is a bit longer in the back. But this asymmetry does not feel anyhow bad and it also flatters most of the body types too. Material is light and slightly stretchy so you will not only feel invincible, but comfortable as well!
And this would be everything for today´s article. If you are already at its end, we would like to thank you so much for reading our articles and keeping in touch with us! In case you still not having enough, we do recommend you to read the article Best Dressed: The Week In Outfits or the one about the Summer 2019 Swimwear and Bikini Trends. Stay in touch and see you soon, bye! ~
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