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7 Must-Try Protective Hairstyles Dominating This Spring and Summer


Summertime is a great time to wear protective styles. You can tuck your hair away and enjoy the summer without any stress. You can relax and enjoy your summer without worrying about your hair.

We turned to the experts–hairstylists Andrea Mona Bowman, Chyreise Lambert, and Belinda Fleming–to find out what looks like everyone will be rocking as the weather heats up. The latest protective styles are listed below for spring/summer of 2024.

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Goddess Boho braids

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Celebrities like Zoe Kravitz and Yara Shaddhi love this versatile style that adds volume. It is easy to customize the look with the many braiding hair types available. Bowman says that there are many types of braiding hair that can be used to give the look you want.

Organic braiding hair, such as the Rebundle plant-based version, provides a soft texture that goddesses who wear boho braids love. This is also a great option for people who have avoided braided hair extensions in the past. Bowman says that adding braided extensions can sometimes be scratchy. The newer human hair options are more natural looking and mimic the hair of a person’s own hair. Bowman wears the hair herself. “They now have 4B and textured 4C hair that you can buy in bulk.”

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Copper Braids

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Summer is a time when many people choose lighter shades. Fleming said that “many” people request copper or reddish-colored braids during the summer. She says that “the red, the copper and blonde braids, as well as the brown are what [clients] desire.” What’s the best part about choosing a colorful style of protection? The installation is easy and you can remove it if you do not like the style.

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Fulani Braids

@stormreid / Instagram

Lambert believes that the Fulani braids worn by Rihanna and Joy Bryant, as well as Alicia Keys will be popular this season. She says that “a lot of people have started to ask for Fulani braids.” The front can be a series tribal-patterned cornrows, inspired by the Fulani tribe. In the back they can have free-flowing or box braids. Some people wear their hair in the back as a braided top knot, while others have it in a bun. Solange wore hers in a high-ponytail at a 2022 gala.

Lambert points out that styles such as Fulani braids can be used to protect the skin and facilitate activities such as swimming and kayaking. She says, “We want to get into the water and out as quickly as possible.”

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Curls and Knotless Braids

@zayawade/ Instagram

Lambert says that knotless braids are the most popular because they’re lighter, require less hair and, as the hair grows, give a more natural look. The style is also better for hair health. “You can pull it straight into a bun without tension on your scalp,” says Lambert.

Fleming believes that adding curly hair into braids is a great way to achieve curls, without having to maintain a full head. She says that “they can have braids with a curly appearance without committing to it.”

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Mini Twists

@lupitanyongo / Instagram

Fleming believes that everyone will be wearing mini twists in the coming season due to the influence of Tabitha Brown and Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o. She explains that the mini twist can be styled in many different ways. You can wear it up. “You can wear it down.”

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Faux Locs

@megangood / Instagram

Lambert says that “we get a lot Megan Good pictures as inspiration when she’s got her faux locs on.” This style is popular during the late summer. It involves wrapping extensions around natural hair to create the illusion of permanent locs. Lambert says that clients like to transition their faux locs between summer and fall.

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Chunky Twists

@hallebailey/ Instagram

Fleming believes that two-strand twists are making a comeback. These are less crinkled than mini-twists. This style, she says, is particularly appealing during the summer heat and humidity. She says that you don’t need to worry about your hair looking crazy because this style is meant to be puffy.

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