7 Fall Outfit Formulas: Be Stylish 7 Days a Week!

Have you ever experienced the struggle of staring in front your entire wardrobe for half an hour, thinking of what stylish matching ensembles should you wear just for the day?! True enough, it’s almost every woman’s struggle and memes all over the internet have even made a joke about it. Even if our wardrobe is full of clothes, it can still be a bit extra difficult to think which matches what. As the cold winter weather is just around the corner, mix and matching your fashion pieces for layering them over will definitely take extra time. If summer and spring only requires you to put up a top and a pair of trousers, winter would need you to wear a top, sweater, outerwear, trousers, scarf and the list goes on and on!

Since we know it can be a real struggle for all of us, we thought a thorough research on the most stylish fashion trends of today would greatly help in compiling this list. We have gathered 7 different looks to guide you on what to wear every single day – for 7 days a week!

#1 Oversized Sweater + Jeans

  • Go Monochrome
7 fall outfit formulas-sweater with jeans

Source: Pinterest

We all have our own lazy days; and when that day comes, we slip on our warm sweaters and our ever-trusted pair of jeans. In this look, the key is to maintain balance on the top and bottom by minimizing the puffiness of the oversized sweater with whether a straight-leg pair of pants or denim jeans. This grey knit sweater perfectly matches the ash-dyed jeans with matching white sneakers for a very casual and practical look.

  • Vivify your Style
7 fall outfit formulas-sweater with jeans

Source: Pinterest

We know how monochromatic colors can be extremely safe when it comes to styling up, but there are times that playing with fire a little bit can look very hot and trendy. In this striking look, we still go for something laid-back and practical but we play with vivid colors a bit. The model wears another oversized piece with creative asymmetric knit patterns in a vivid red hue. To make sure the striking top gets solo attention, pair it up with basic denim jeans and a simple black leather clutch bag.

  • Stylish Gamine Look

Source: Pinterest

Another trendy look that falls under the same category is this gamine ensemble. If you want to feature your beautiful long legs and defined hips, do not let them be covered with your oversized sweater! Another way to wear your favorite knitwear is to tuck its ends into your skinny jeans. Finish your gamine look ala Audrey Hepburn with boyish combat boots.

StyleWe Sweater

#2 Sweater + Wide Leg Pants + Boots

  • Spice Up the Basics
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 16: Victoria Beckham seen on the streets of Manhattan on February 16, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Cropped pants or “culottes” as what most of us call it, is the new “it girl” must have this season. It’s very comfortable to wear without sacrificing fashion and style! Another of our favorite take on culottes is when Victoria Beckham rocked hers in pleated black with a plain nude wool sweater. She topped off her super warm clothing with a fully wrapped plaid scarf and patented leather laced ankle boots. Want to know the MANY ways to wear your scarf? Read 12 Ways to Wear Your Scarf Like a Celebrity.

  • Wrap Up in Fabric

Source: Pinterest

The thing with culottes is that they don’t go in full lengths, well, that’s why they are also called cropped pants. Wearing socks with them is unlikely advisable, so to keep yourself warm, including your entire legs, go pair it up with knee-high boots. In the photo above, the model pared her black cropped pants with grey knee-length boots that color coordinates with her knitted turtleneck sweater. As the ensemble features bulky pieces, she went for a small chained leather clutch bag worn as a sling bag.

  • Flaunt Hanging Tops

Source: Pinterest

Cropped tops and hanging sweaters are very fashionable pieces that perfectly match culottes. Most cropped pants go all the way up to the waist which is why hanging tops would balance the entire look. In this look, she wore a red printed hanging sweater with her dark grey cropped pants. In addition, she wore high-cut boots to match the color of her top.

StyleWe Wide Leg Pants

#3 Coat + Basics + Jeans

  • Go for Conventional Combinations

Source: Pinterest

If you’re late for work and you’re not blessed with so much time picking up the fancies, the basics are always your best option. In this particular look, it’s a combination of the basic wool blend brown coat, denim jeans, plain tee and checkered scarf. To make the ensemble look fashionable but very casual, she went for a basic pair of white sneakers and a chic oversized leather clutch.

  • Style like a Fashion Editor

Source: whowhatwear

Chic, high-end but effortless – this is the type of fashion we usually see in the streets of New York, London or Paris; outside the Vogue headquarters. Invest in a versatile designer coat, wear it with pretty much all the basics you have and rock that fashion editor look! (Read Embroidered Coats for Fall and Winter) In the fashion ensemble above, she wore a long, black wool blend coat over a basic grey tee and distressed jeans. To draw away the whole plainness of the look, she wore a long pendant necklace to make it look a bit more edgy. In addition, she settled for rocking high-cut navy sneaks as well.

  • Experiment with Coat Draping

Source: Stylishwife

We have seen this fashionable way to wear coats. Draping your coat over your shoulders may be a bit of a bedazzling way to wear it but the runway and pages of your favorite magazine says it’s hip. In this particular look, the model went on monochromatic grey hues, draping her wool grey coat over a basic grey turtleneck tee and straight-cut trousers. For a more elegant but casual tone, she went with black leather flats.

StyleWe Coat

#4 Jacket + Basics + Skinny Jeans

  • Defining Plain Ensembles with a Statement Jacket
jacket with basics and jeans-1

Source: Pinterest

Every woman should have at least two statement jackets in her wardrobe. A jacket can play a huge role transforming the entire ensemble as it has the ability to amplify your plain basic wear. One example is the look above wherein the model settled for a plain all-black ensemble with a basic V-neck long-sleeve tee and skinny jeans. Her army-colored jacket made the whole look edgy but still quite casual.

  • Bad Girl Biker Jackets
jacket with basics and jeans-2

Source: Pinterest

Release the bad girl in you with that classic black leather biker jacket! Biker jackets can be a bit tricky to match, but the only key here is to make it stand out by pairing it with the basics. The look above successfully pulled off her biker jacket as she pairs it with a pair of basic skinny jeans, a black tee and the classic black aviators.

  • Make your Jacket Stand Out
jacket with basics and jeans 3

Source: Pinterest

In this particular look, the brown leather zipper jacket is perfectly highlighted as it wasn’t paired with other flashy ensembles. She went for a plain, all-black ensemble, including her round neck tee, skinny jeans and bucket bag.

StyleWe Jacket

#5 Oversized Sweater + Skirt

  • Black is your Best Choice for Winter

Source: Pinterest

Let’s not forget about skirts this season! Basic jeans and trousers may provide a full-length cover on your legs but it’s something that your elegant skirts can do too. Go for wool skirts this upcoming winter season to keep you warm. In this ensemble, she took an elegant turtleneck paired with classic knee-length pencil skirt to create a still, monochromatic look.

  • Consider Black Leather Skirts

Source: Just The Design

From vintage thrift shops to designer brands, black leather skirts are an absolute must-have for the winter season. It provides warmth and edge to a certain look without looking overly dramatic. In this look, she featured a black leather pencil skirt with an oversized turtleneck sweater and glitter sliver sneakers. Read 2016 Most Stylish Way to Wear a Turtleneck Piece

  • Pencil Skirts to Make You Look Slimmer and Taller
Anja Rubik at Nina Ricci FW2014

Anja Rubik at Nina Ricci FW2014

The shape of pencil skirts add height to your physique, which makes it easier to pull off an oversized top. In the photo above, she flaunted a beige oversized turtleneck knit sweater with a classic black pencil skirt. To make it look more suitable for winter, she wore vintage leather ankle boots.

StyleWe Midi Skirt

#6 Basics + Flare Skirt

  • Flare Skirts in Floral Prints

Source: pinterest

Let’s draw away from the effortless casual clothing for a bit and discuss the beauty of elegant flare skirts. Floral prints are not limited to spring; in fact, it also makes a great fall and winter piece. In the look pictured above, she made sure that the attention is solely focused on the flare skirt with huge floral patterns by wearing a sleek, tight-fitting long-sleeved top in black and a classic pair of black pumps.

  • Elegantly Sleek in Silk

Source: pinterest

Here’s a classic black and white ensemble involving a basic white button top and a gorgeous black silk flare skirt. The “paha” belt added depth to the entire look as it accentuates the waist with its chic bow design. In addition, silk is a wise winter option for your flare skirts because they are not only warmkeeping but also very easy to mix and match with.

  • Asymmetrical Leather Flare Skirt

Source: uDuba

If pencil skirts look edgy in leather, then so as flare skirts! Here’s another take for the iconic leather skirt and this time, it comes in this beautiful plum shade that features an asymmetrical hem. The skirt also has pleats which perfectly defines the skirt’s flare shape. The skirt is paired with a black three-fourths knit and is completed with a wrap-around plaid scarf.

StyleWe Flare Skirt

#7 Knit Dress + Sneakers

  • Fuzzy Warm Fix
Source: Taginstant

Source: Taginstant

If you want to look effortlessly chic this winter season, there’s no better pair than a basic knit dress. If you’re thinking of going to the nearest coffee shop to take your cozy coffee fix, here’s a very easy ensemble for you. Just go for basic monochrome colors and slip your go-to knit dress, cozy wool cardigan and casual sneakers. Now you’re ready to go – warm, fuzzy and stylish!

  • Feisty Knit Midi Dress
Source: Collage Vintage

Source: Collage Vintage

Warm, practical and fashionable – this particular look needs no dramatic accents to be wearable. The vertical knit patterns gave definition to the entire silhouette of the dress, making it look comfy and not skimpy by any means. You can either roll the sleeves or let them graze your palms. To add style, take your go-to leather sling bag and pop on some cat eye sunglasses!

  • Matching Two-Piece Slit Dress

Source: pinterest

Who says matching patterns are only good for pajamas? This two-piece overall knit dress features a three-fourths loose top and a straight-cut slit skirt that makes it warm and comfy to wear. With this ensemble, you can wear flats, pumps, wedges or boots – but if you’d wish for something extremely comfy to take you for a casual walk or an impromptu meeting, your basic white sneakers is all good!

StyleWe Knit Dress

Do you know you can dazzle up your look by wearing accessories like scarf and gloves? Check Dazzle Up Your Elegant Look with Gloves & Find Your Perfect Accessory with Silk Scarf.

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