6 Summer 2020 Essentials Every Minimalist Needs

Hello our lovely sunshine ~ Outside, it already looks like the summer is finally here and we can start to enjoy the time spent out there more and more. The world is slowly getting back to its roots but it also taught us a huge and unforgettable lesson. We should start thinking about our Earth more serious than ever and we should be conscious of our actions.

There are many different ways how to do it. Of course, many of us will not do it overnight, since it is not that simple. The human also needs to get used to a change as well and then start making the new ones. It is a slow process, but it is still better than just sitting and doing nothing at all. Being more conscious should be every one of us. And to try being a minimalist on our own should try every one of us at least once as well.

Some of you may be scared of the word minimal itself, but what is there actually to fear? It the end, it only means to be less, to own less, but on the other hand, to feel and live more, to enjoy more, to be conscious more. The minimal wardrobe is such a great idea, to begin with. You will save so much time while picking the right outfits for you since everything will be matchable with any other item.

You will not own the pieces you no longer wear, you no longer wish to have in your wardrobe or the ones that are truly ill-fitting and doesn´t match your body shape and personality at all. It may be hard at the beginning, but in the end, you will thank yourself for this change. You will feel such huge freedom and enlightenment by owning less but having actually more.

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Casual High Waist Pants With Belt

High waisted pants are the best pants ever you can have in your wardrobe! It does not matter if you are on a skinny or a bit lovely rounder side – high waisted pants and jeans can make real miracles with your body silhouette. They will not only cover your belly in case it is something you are not really confident with, but they will also make your legs and whole body height a bit longer.

You will look slimmer and taller at the same time! Tucked in a shirt or a basic cotton T-shirt is a must to wear in this case! The beige or light brown colour are the easiest to combine with other pieces. Belt included is also a good way how to accent your waist in a good way.

Shop our pick hereFHQcollection Casual With Belt Pants

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Casual Spaghetti-Strap Cami Top

Cami tops are an instant elegant makers in the game! You can combine them with shorts, jeans, skirts or even layer them up on a T-shirt if you can make an exquisite outfit! If you need that “just right” elegant vibe, cami tops are definitely the right ones for you to play with.

Shop our pick here → FHQcollection Casual Backless Solid Spaghetti-Strap Cami

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Polka Dots Daily Bowknot Slippers

Can you imagine walking down the street during the hot summer days without proper shoe wear? Sandals or summer slippers are the best choices you can make. Especially those with the squared ends have still been really popular and fashionable even this year.

If you would like to pull a bit of an elegantly feminine look, accessories on them like for example bows are a good way to go. If you do not have any serious problems with feet or walking in high heels, even a small heel can make your ankles look slimmer and pretty.

Shop our pick here → Polka Dots Daily Bowknot Slippers

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Short-Sleeve A-Line Mini Dress

Feminine A-line dress is a must in any wardrobe. Well, it does not have to be A-Line if it doesn´t fit your body shape, but a proper dress should have been owned by every woman. Light and breathable material is comfortable t walk-in during the hot summer days. A nice pattern or button line can make it look more interesting too. Only a small crossbody or handbag, shoes and a few accessories and you are ready to go!

Shop our pick here → FHQcollection Short-Sleeve A-Line Leopard Shirred Mini Dress

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Casual T-Shirt

Tucked in T-shirt and denim shorts are something like a personification of summer, don´t you think? This is a typical summer outfit you can see the most on the streets. It is not only fashionable but comfortable too and let´s be honest – what kind of combination is easier to make then picking a T-Shirt and a pair of shorts?

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A perfect pair of denim shorts

And since we were talking about the shorts just in a paragraph above, how could we not include them in our today´s selection, right? Denim shorts are a piece of clothes that will probably never be out of fashion. They are just so easy to wear, so easy to match and so good to wear, right? Just a simple T-shirt, shirt or even a camisole silk top we mentioned above and you can create so many different outfits for every single day in the week.

Shop our pick here → FHQcollection Solid Shift Basic Denim Jeans


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Have a nice day and see you soon! ~

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