4th Annual Shop Celebration Event 2019

Hello everyone! We hope that you have been doing good up until now and that you are ready for the newest article we prepared just for you. Also, could you believe, that it is already the 4th year of the Shop Celebration Event this year? It seems like a miracle! The time has flown so fast during the few past years and we just cannot believe the fact, that our e-shop has been existing for already over four years! We are so happy and glad about that. We would also like to thank especially you, because you, our readers and customers are the ones, who allowed us to exist in the first place. We cannot describe with the words how thankful are we that we have you ♥ But such an amazing and significant event like the 4th Annual Shop Celebration needs some decent celebration outfit too, right? In today´s article, we will be showing you a few outfits, which you can use for any other kind of celebration as well. The dress code is clear – elegant, feminine and sophisticated!

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Solid Elegant Suit Top With Pants Two-piece Set

Our first tip not only in the colder weather but also in the warmer one, because of its very light and breathable material, is the Solid Elegant Suit Top With Pants Two-piece Set composed of the tied up jacket and loose pants. Combined with brown-coloured or pure white accessories, you will seriously catch some attention. One colour two-piece set is a good idea for those who just hate to pick outfits for hours and even after do not know what to actually wear for the set occasion. The two-piece sets will save not only your time but your life too! When purchasing them you will also have not only one, but two different types of clothing that you can match with any other item from your wardrobe in the future.

Source: StyleWe

Plunging Neck Prom Paneled Tiered Solid Maxi Dress

For the braver ones, we do recommend the Plunging Neck Prom Paneled Tiered Solid Maxi Dress in a wonderful dark navy blue colour which looks just luxurious and stunning. For not the only fashion queen, but also for the REAL queen. The deep V-shaped neckline, slightly balloon sleeves and A-shaped frilled mermaid-like skirt. In the middle, there is a dark orange belt which makes the whole dress look more significant. If you are a confident woman who does not back up of anything, this choice is the best for you! Also, do not forget that you will totally be in the centre of everyone´s attention! 🙂

Source: StyleWe

White Shirt Collar Statement Knot Front Blouse

For those who do like slightly manly, business-like and a bit conservative look, we do recommend to match the White Shirt Collar Statement Knot Front Blouse together with the black elegant loose pants. Combined with the heels or heeled sandals, you will soften the business-like look and make it look more delicate, feminine and slightly even provocative.

Source: StyleWe

Apricot A-line Daytime Sleeveless Chiffon Paneled Plain Maxi Dress

For those who would like to celebrate the special occasion and feel like a soft and delicate Apricot fairy at the same time, we have the Apricot A-line Daytime Sleeveless Chiffon Paneled Plain Maxi Dress with the light and breathable pleated skirt. Ideal for the special events that are held outside during the warm and hot summer days. This dress will look good not only worn on the darker chocolate tanned skin, but also on the light pale one.

Source: StyleWe

Swing Daily Elegant Solid Paneled Maxi Dress

If you like swing-like dresses with the bouncy massive long skirts in a pure and innocent white colour, we do have for you this  Swing Daily Elegant Solid Paneled Maxi Dress. As you may see, it has a silky-like feeling and shine, which makes the dress look more luxurious and delicate.  By the way, did you notice that soft thin lace stripes? In this dress, you will truly feel like an angel.

Source: StyleWe

Black Casual Pockets Tencel Solid Skinny Leg Pants

Trendy Black Casual Pockets Tencel Solid Skinny Leg Pants should be in the closet of every woman. They can really help you a lot during any occasion, not only the special fancy one. You can wear them during the day and during the evening as well. They can be worn to the city when you are about to meet some of your friends, to work, to a party, to a club or anywhere else you would like them to wear too. It is completely up to you how and what fashion pieces you will match them with. They are easy to be combined with any kind of shoes as well – heels, sandals, flats, sneakers, boots etc. Anything you want. If you do not have them in your closet yet, you should seriously consider getting at least one.

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White Elegant Handmade Pearl Necklace

Accessories are a very important factor as well. Can you imagine any better and greater combination than a woman who is wearing the pearls? For this purpose, we do recommend you to look at our  White Elegant Handmade Pearl Necklace composed of many different sizes of the pearled beads. As you may see in the picture, there are four different rows of them. What about you? Don´t you feel just amazing while wearing the pearls? 🙂

Well, this was everything for today. Do you like this new article? Are you about to attend any special occasion in the near future? What are you going to wear for this purpose? Do not be shy and let us know in the comments because we just love to stay in touch with you and we love to read your comments as well.

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