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24 Ideas for How to Style a Slip Dress

The slip dress is a classic example of a fashion trend. Slips were originally worn under dresses and skirts to allow clingy fabrics to hang correctly. They also provided extra coverage for sheer garments. In the 1990s it became clear that slip dresses could be worn on their own. Celebrities like Sara Jessica Parker and Iman began wearing the slinky staple. The slip dress evolved from a functional undergarment to a piece with an aesthetic appeal. Slip dresses, another 90s classic trend that is making a comeback this season, are now more than two decades old.

Slip dresses come in many different types

Classic Slip dress

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This style has a straight silhouette with spaghetti straps and hits at the ankle. The most popular fabrics for classic Slip dresses are silk and satin.

Bias-Cut Slip dress

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Fabric is cut diagonally (on the bias) to create a bias-cut style. It is more shape-fitting and has a unique shape.

Embellished Slip dress

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The simplicity of slip dresses is their appeal, but they can be embellished with lace, prints, and cut-outs.

Midi Slip Dress

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A midi dress, on the other hand, is a shorter version of the Slip dress that falls around the mid-calf.

Maxi Slip Dress

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This style is slightly longer than the classic Slip dress and hits between the foot and the floor.

Slip dresses: How to wear them

Add Layers

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You can do a lot with a slip-dress between winter and spring. Layering is the key. Do it often and in many different ways. Layer up in the winter with chunky knits or hooded sweatshirts on top and long sleeves and tights underneath. As you transition from winter into spring, swap out heavier pieces with lighter knits, denim, leather, and flannels. Layer underneath basic t-shirts and band tees.

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You can also style yours with a maxi skirt in a patterned pattern to give off a cool vibe during those hot summer days. Style your look with a faux leather belt, chunky sneakers, or strappy sandals. These are perfect for alfresco dining, visiting the art gallery downtown or just kicking back with friends. Why not wear a mesh long-sleeved top underneath a slip dress on cooler days?

Create Contrast

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If you want to make your slip dress more interesting, add contrast to the style and silhouette. This combination is balanced and can also be achieved through accessories. A pearl choker and a silver punk necklace will complete your look.

Make It Athleisure

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Slip dresses are a great option for athleisure lovers. Start with your favorite slip dress, then add your coziest sweatshirt or hoodie and a pair of sneakers. A cool, chic look.

Go ’90s Grunge

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The concept of slip dresses as standalone outfits originated in the 1990s. To pay homage to the era in which the slip dress was born, pair it with a leather jacket for a touch of edge. Add super-opaque tights to chunky heels or platforms with moto boots, or combine them with moto booties, platform shoes, and/or moto boots for an even grungier contrast.

Keep it Office Style

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Pair your slip dress with a blazer that is oversized and combat boots to create a stylish outfit for the office. The boots give the dress a more edgy look, while the blazer keeps you looking polished and professional.

Sneakers are a better choice than heels

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Slippers and sneakers are encouraged. Choose a dress that has a slit to allow for more movement and prevent the dress from sticking to your hips or thighs. The slit adds a feminine touch and balances out the masculine look of the sneaker.

Style a Slip dress For Elevated Events

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Slip dresses can be styled in classic ways by pairing them with high heels and statement earrings, while for an eye-catching modern look opt for minimal accessories, as the dress itself is already minimal. Carry a captivating clutch or add an extra dimension with eye-catching jewelry around wrists and ankles for an eye-catching finish!

Unleash Your Inner Cowgirl

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Cowboy boots are a timeless part of the modern wardrobe, perfect for creating contrast with delicate clothing such as slip dresses. Depending on the weather conditions, cowboy boots may require additional layers – be that a shrug or denim jacket.

Add an Oversized Sweater

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Wear your slip dress outfit over a top or sweater to give the illusion of a silky mid-length skirt when temperatures turn cooler. Wrap a belt around the smallest portion of your waist before billowing out your sweater for a “tucked-in” effect.

Cinch Her Waist

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Use a belt or corset to define her waist, but don’t use a “typical belt,” since slip dresses tend to fall looser. Wrap a long necklace (a multi-strand necklace is ideal) around your waist (bonus points if multi-strand), leaving its tail to drape around toward your front hip and allow it to fall towards it naturally. Complete this look with cute sneakers and lots of bracelets/rings for an outfit that can be worn anywhere; to upgrade just switch out shoes!

Slip dresses are suitable for all events and occasions

Dressed Casual for the Weekend?

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Dressing down any look with white sneakers and a denim jacket is one of my go-to tricks, making for an almost foolproof combination that would work perfectly for a day trip or going out to lunch with friends at the weekend. This outfit also gives slip dresses more of a daytime vibe when worn during this look!

Business Casual Attire for Spring

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Add some flair to your slip dress by pairing it with a cropped jacket and low-heeled sandal. This combination would work beautifully for workplaces that allow business casual dress. Alternatively, for something more conservative try swapping out printed denim for something less prominent such as something made of linen or fabric; and adding either a linen jacket or cropped textured one as an accessory piece.

Cocktail Party

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At a Cocktail Party Slip dresses are best worn out and about with friends. Pair it with a jacket, or simply show off those shoulders! Choose your look depending on season and mood: sandals with straps make an excellent statement at summer parties; pairing yours with suede jackets and booties in fall/winter will keep things cozy yet stylish.

Dinner Out

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My midi slip dress was the ideal piece to wear out for dinner in Paris. Easy yet seductive, it makes traveling much simpler; my leather jacket travels well alongside it; simple black heels can complete this date night look on the road!

Everyday Casual and Edgy Look

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My go-to Slip dress look is definitely this everyday casual and edgy look, which combines ease with edge. Varying the shoes you pair it with can add extra dimension. A long jacket (which has become increasingly popular recently), moto jacket, or a long cardigan may be added for extra interest and coverage.

Bedhead look effortlessly

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This one is ideal for those who like the stylish yet sexy “I just woke up” look – which may or may not include wearing pajamas!
This look is easy to pull off – simply layer a kimono over a Slip dress, with mules that resemble slippers for an effortless ensemble.

Outfit for an Efficient Grocery Run

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Wear your favorite band’s T-shirt under a Slip dress, roll the sleeves up, and add stylish boots for an easy outfit solution for quick grocery runs. A statement piece of jewelry will complete this ensemble.

How to Hide Unwanted Pantyliners

If you want to feel confident when wearing a slip dress without showing panty lines, I suggest opting for more fitted shapewear over another slip dress.

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Find Your Style in Slip Dress Outfit

What clothes do you love? What are some of your favorite pieces in your closets? Think about the reasons you like these items and why. Then Use them in your slip dress outfit.

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