2016 Most Stylish Ways to Wear Turtleneck this Fall/Winter Season

As fall/winter approaches fast ahead, more and more turtleneck outfits are making a comeback in our very own wardrobes. In addition to that, the comeback of all these turtleneck clothes is immense as they have become so popular among celebrities and models. Designers have constantly revamped the entire trend by having them in new styles and creatively having them mixed and matched. In this article, we are going to cover up the rising turtleneck trend this year and how to style yours as a pro! If you think turtleneck clothing is a thing of the past, well, not anymore.

Hippest Turtleneck Styles of 2016

#1 Classic Black Wool Turtleneck
Lupita Nyong’o turtleneck

Source: e.edu.163.com

Of course, nothing beats the classic black turtleneck. As black is a very versatile color in terms of fashion, it is quite impossible to fail in black turtleneck tops and dresses this fall season. There are numerous ways to style them and one of our favorite black turtleneck get-ups is this one from Lupita Nyong’o. She looked like a hipster chic in her black turtleneck with an oversized, flowy cape cardigan layered over it. To top off the look, she paired it up with a soft velvet fedora hat and classic square sunglasses.

#2 High Fashion Layering


Source: kadinveblog.com

If you are into straight-shaped oversized clothing, don’t let your turtleneck’s tight fitting scare you off. We found this awesome ensemble from Banana Republic’s collection that will step up your turtleneck fashion game! The model layered on an oversized hot pink mini dress over her tight-fitting grey turtleneck to give it more depth and excitement. It definitely looks very high fashion, not to mention it adds a bit of more warmth too!

#3 Laid-back and Casual Street Wear

Source: popsugar.com

Who says you can’t pull off an effortlessly fashionable ensemble in turtleneck and denim? We know it kind of sounds like a terrible match-up, considering that we are talking about 2016 fashion! But hey, Olivia Palermo wants to show you how to properly flaunt it in the streets of New York. Her big knitted turtleneck is in perfect balance with her pair of flare jeans.

#4 Mono Color Velvet Turtleneck Dress

Source: Pretty Little Thing

We couldn’t help ourselves but go WOW on this yellow velvet piece from Valentino’s 2016 F/W Collection. This long dress alone can definitely complete your stylish fall ensemble! While you can wear a mono-colored turtleneck piece on its own, you can still add up some more details like wearing a statement necklace or a long coat over the dress.

If you think long dresses are too dramatic for you to wear, go for mini dresses! Did you know that velvet pieces are the hippest thing this fall season? Read more about Velvet Pieces for the Fall.

#5 Loose Turtleneck Sweater with Pencil Skirt
Victoria Beckham turtleneck

Source: Pinterest.com

Oh yes, you can definitely winterize your pencil skirts! We found the most stylish ways on How to Winterize your Pencil Skirts and one way to properly do it is with turtleneck sweaters! Victoria Beckham looked stunning in this fashion coordinate as she wears a loose knitted turtleneck top with a pencil skirt; both in white. To add glam to the entire ensemble, she decided not to overdo the whites and wore a pair of leopard-print plats.

#6 French Style Trench Coat & Turtleneck Ensemble

Karlie Kloss turtleneck and trench coat

Source: Harpers BAZAAR

Karlie Kloss truly nailed it with her gorgeously fashionable trench coat and striped turtleneck ensemble. Actually, this is quite a classic take on turtlenecks but despite this particular fashion style being present for quite a long while already, it is still as fashionable as ever. One way to amp up your turtleneck styling game is to wear it with a classic trench coat. Karlie played with subtle prints here with her conventional black and white stripes.

More Fashionable Pieces to Style Up Your Turtleneck Wardrobe

We are quite happy that turtlenecks are making a glorious comeback. Now it is time to dig in to your old clothing stash and take all those turtlenecks out to wear! If you feel like you need to do a bit of shipping, here are some Shopping Guidelines for the Fall.

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