2016 Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Day

The Thanksgiving Holiday is quite a huge event for many families around the world. It is a time of sharing and reuniting with your long lost friends and relatives. If anybody has invited you to attend their Thanksgiving dinner, it would be very thoughtful if you would come there with a nice gift for the host. If you think candles, frames and personalized mugs have already taken their toll in Thanksgiving parties, then here’s an article to help you think of great and unique ideas as Thanksgiving presents.


Presents For Him

#1 A box of sophisticated alcoholic beverages

Source: GiftTree

If your partner is a drinker, a box of alcoholic beverages would be something that they would really love. Gift stores offer limited or special edition sets that come in elegant box packaging to make the alcoholic beverages look extra special. Of course, you would want to pick spirits that your partner would love, and not some cheap drinks you can get from the convenience store. It could be a set of fine whisky or a luxurious bottle of wine.

#2 Limited Edition Fragrance

Source: pinterest.com

The Thanksgiving season offers a lot of limited edition holiday kits that come in special packaging. Everyone loves it when their man smells good, don’t you think? In addition to that, lavish fragrance makes a man look more elegant in a way. If you are thinking of getting your man a gift for Thanksgiving, why not look for limited edition holiday sets that perfume brands offer? Whether your budget is limited or not, there’s surely a set that your man would definitely love.

Presents For Her

#1 Delish French Sweets

Source: instagram

Giving sweets to women have always been a very romantic gesture, but over time, a box of chocolates has been quite mainstream. If you have been giving her Ferrero Rocher chocolates ever since, it is about time that you switch things up a bit! A box of French delicacies is a great gift idea for her, such as a box of colorful macarons. Laudree and TWG Tea offer scrumptious macarons that come in lavish boxes. It’s definitely something your partner would love!

#2 Festive Makeup Kits

Source: jillstuart-beauty.com

If she is a beauty enthusiast, nothing better can make her heart skip a beat but makeup. Although any type of cosmetic product would make a great gift for her, why not search for amazing brands that carry their makeup products in unique and festive packaging? Usually, cosmetic brand would release festive holiday makeup collections as the end of the year comes. One of our top picks would be Jill Stuart’s Tweed Party Collection.

Presents For The Children

#1 Colorful Candy Jars

Source: blog.hwtm.com

What kind of kid doesn’t love candies?! Rather than just handing the kids a pack of m&ms or skittles, show some love by being more creative on their containers. Pinterest has so much creative ideas on how to make colorful candy jar containers.

#2 Friendship Bands


Remember how we used to love friendship bracelets as a kid? This is also a simple yet creative gift idea to give the kids. You can either DIY or grab a bunch from the nearest craft store. Buzzfeed have compiled great designs to make your friendship bands stand out.

Presents For Friends:

Now, let’s not forget our friends during Thanksgiving! Whether they attend your Thanksgiving dinner or not, it’s always a thoughtful gesture to hand them some presents for the special occasion, right? Here are some gift ideas that you can give your friends as a token of appreciation.

#1 Gourmet Fruit Infused Vodkas

Source: Style Me Pretty

Rather than handing them a bottle of good old classic vodka, why not make it extra special this time? Infused vodkas add a unique spice to the drink and it also looks pleasing to the eyes. Wondering how to make one? Check out Bon Appetit’s Recipe on How to Infuse your Own Flavored Vodka.

#2 DIY Bath Bombs

Source: Lush

Handmade soaps are great but bath bombs are greater. They look extremely eye-catching and bath bombs make a simple warm bath more relaxing. Of course, you can go pick up some awesome bath bombs from LUSH, but if you feel like making it extra special for your friends, why not make one? This way, you can customize the scent and the colors that you want. Check out this Youtube tutorial for DIY Bath Bombs.

There you have it! Make Thanksgiving Day extra special with this wonderful gift ideas. Always remember to show your gratitude and be thoughtful to those people around you. Instead of grabbing pretty much anything on the gift store, let this be a time for you to be extra creative! If you are going to held a party on that day, a French Dessert Party would definitely be a great idea.

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