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20 Hottest Spring/Summer Shoes from the Runway 2017

Let your feet do the talking! Spring and summer are very fun seasons to experiment with vibrant colors. It’s no surprise that we are going to come across several looks, specifically shoes, which will have their colors pop out from the screen. As we take a peek on the best fashion ensembles that designers showcased during fashion week, the amount of attention the models’ footwear received is just as immense as their clothing! If you’re up for a whole new colorful shoe ride, this article is something you shouldn’t skip. We have curated this list of gorgeous designer shoes that made eyes pop during 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Are you currently in the process of completing your spring and summer shopping list? Here are some amazing shoes you would want  to get!

#1 Knee-high Boots

Source: ELLE

Who says knee-high boots are only for the fall and winter season? Definitely not for Alexander McQueen! It’s not difficult to fall deeply in love with this badass laced-up boots! It features a really gorgeous, Goth-like combination of black lace and pastel spring floral. Oh, and let’s not forget how awesome those punk studs look!

#2 Altuzarra Ribbon Wrap Shoes

If you’re thinking of something cute and romantic for your heart’s day look, then here’s Altuzarra for you. Its true red color is a sure win by itself already, but as if that was not enough, Altuzarra went on with that sexy ankle straps and ribbon design. How perfect is this with your little black dress or retro red skirt!

#3  Ankle Shoes

Buckle up! Here’s a pair of statement ankle shoes for you if you are wishing for something more unique and creative. Its baby pink buckle straps go surprisingly well with the elegant velvet hue that the shoes itself sport. It definitely looks stunning on mini dresses or culottes!

#4 Balmain Platform Sandals

Source: ELLE

Of course, Balmain should never miss all these fashion lists. We spotted this gleaming gold platform sandals and everybody needs to admit that it’s quite an eye glue! We couldn’t take our eyes off of it for its very glimmer, superstar vibe. Whether you choose to wear it on a sunny spring morning walk or a crazy night out party – nothing else could ever go wrong.

#5 Carven

Source: ELLE

Feel like sporting your spirit animal for the spring and summer season? There’s no stopping you as animal prints on footwear is still as trendy as ever! Carven shows how to spice up your spring/summer with feisty prints rather than sticking to the usual pastels and florals.

#6 Christian Dior Slippers

Without a doubt, the spring/summer season calls for slippers. How else to flaunt it with class and luxury? Get a pair of slip-ons from Dior!

#7 Balmain Wedge shoes

Source: ELLE

Feel like floating on air for spring and summer? Balmain has got you walking on air in style with this ravishing glass wedge. We love the fact that it goes elegantly plain with its sleek black color while sporting a very unique acrylic glass wedge heel. Talk about getting fancy for spring and summer!

#8 Dolce & Gabbana Platform Sandals

Another pair of platform sandals to join the list is this festive red pair from Dolce & Gabbana. This platform sandals also come across being a casual slip-on, but a bit fancier with its brooch embellishments.

#9 Derek Lam White Wedge Shoes

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

As the spring season is quite a romantic time for outdoor dates, here’s a footwear that best describes all your spring romance fantasies. This ivory ribbon wrap-around wedge shoes is your new outdoor buddy, thanks to Derek Lam’s gorgeous design. This is also great with wedding guest dresses! Read: Best Wedding Guest Dresses in Spring That Stand Out From the Crowd

#10 Dries Van Noten Wrap-around Bow Shoes

While pastels are quite a huge thing every spring and summertime, black is still prominently visible in every fashion collection. Dries Van Noten marries classic vintage design to a modernized outlandish touch which resulted to this stunning pair of wrap-around bow shoes.

#11 Elie Saab Yellow Heels

Now here’s how real superstar shoes look like! With its vibrant yellow hue alone, we can already conclude how spring/summer-worthy this footwear is.

#12 Erdem Platform Shoes

If you want to maximize the design of your platform shoes, then here’s how Erdem does it. This platform shoes definitely had its moment, not only because of its bulky, oversized heel but also because the platform’s heel itself is wrapped in a gorgeous baroque design.

#13 Givenchy Nude Shoes

Here’s another pair of shoes which epitomizes spring fashion! We usually see Givenchy on its edgy, dark and sophisticated look but they totally nailed on pastel pink this time – and it’s all about shoes! This romantic satiny velvet lace pumps are a total must-have for the sweet and vibrant spring season.

#14 Gucci Platform Shoes

Oh we’re not over platform shoes yet! Since they are this year’s hottest, we are including another pair of platform shoes in the list and this time, it’s from Gucci. If you’re up for a creative take on the usual spring floral, here’s a pair to make you a walking fashion icon!

#15 Isabel Marant Ruffle Shoes

Source: ELLE

Ruffles create a very playful and feminine take on things so if you’re into something flashy and girly, Isabel Marant is for you. We love its pale grey color that goes perfectly with its strappy ruffle design.

#16 J.W. Anderson Ballet Flats

Let’s take a break from high heels for a moment. If you’re one of those ladies who find high heels quite an unnecessary discomfort, you can still be trendy for spring in J.W. Andreson’s ballet flats.

#17 Jason Wu Strappy Sandals

One of the pairs from Jason Wu’s collection calls for the classic minimalist look. This pair of strappy sandals is quite conventional yet iconic; which makes it a perfect match to countless fashion coordinates.

#18 Miu Miu Wedge Heels

Get strapped with this unique wedge heels in scarlet red! We love how the bright red shade is tamed down by its generous white wedge heels. The holes that somewhat bind the red strap together is what makes it unique and artistic.

#19 Prada Lilac Plastic Sandals

Prada makes the best shoes with the finest leather in the world. Well, this time, they proved that they are not only about leather footwear. Prada showcased these gorgeous lilac plastic sandals and without a doubt, it goes instantly into this year’s hottest spring/summer trends.

#20 Yves Saint Laurent Ankle Strap Heels

If you’re into something more sultry and romantic, YSL’s take on things is how you exactly want it to be. Iconic black ankle strap heels with a touch of tango red ruffle accent – what’s not to love?


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It’s completely understandable for you to take a few gasps as you scroll down. These fashion designers aren’t kidding with their spring and summer collections this year. Don’t you feel like we are all up for a treat?! It’s not too late to spice up your wardrobe this year with that designer footwear of your choice. Dare to be different and to be a lot more adventurous with your style – no limits! If you enjoyed looking at these shoes, you’ll love clothes as well! Here’s something to check out: Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Trends that Conquered Fashion Week

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