20 Foods to De-stress yourself

Eating more than your normal diet, when stressed, is a common practice. Many people feel better when they eat during a stressed phase of life. While trying to de-stress their minds, they tend to stuff their mouths with unhealthy (junk) foods. All they gain is a timely relief and a lot of extra calories. This whole situation seems quite hilarious. In spite of that we cannot deny the fact that there are certain anti-stress food items that come with calming properties. And if taken properly, they can actually make you feel better. Here we have rounded up 20 stress-busting foods, let’s read on more about them.

1. Nuts

Vitamin B is something that guarantees a relaxed state of mind by keeping our neurotransmitters at the right place. And we are more equipped with the energy to deal with various stressed situations. Most of the nuts (almond, cashew, pistachio) are enriched with vitamin B, B2 and vitamin E. So, next time, you feel stressed, try some.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea promotes sound sleep, calmness and relief. It is easily available in health food stores. Next time when you are having an anxiety disorder, sip on a cup of chamomile tea. It works wonder for a sound sleep as well.

3. Try Chocolate Magic



Chocolate is the best mood booster. Both males and females prefer having those choco chunks, when stressed. To get the best out of it, pick dark chocolate and not the ordinary milk chocolate available in the stores. Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and makes you feel better. If you are on diet, intake of dark chocolate, once in a week is more than enough. [Read here: Best Chocolate Martini Recipe Ever.]

4. Green Tea

The list of the benefits of green tea is never ending. In spite of having some quantity of caffeine, green tea has many elements that help relieving stress, curing headache and make you feel light and relaxed. Take at least two cups in a day for best results.

5. Munching Raw Vegetables

Studies have proved that releasing of a clenched jaw can be helpful in removing any tense thoughts. Sounds weird! But that’s true. So, next time you are stressed, try munching some raw carrots or celery and check your stress level.

6. Avocado

Avocado is a fruit enriched with vitamin B, that is good for the proper functioning of brain cells and nervous system. Avocado has potassium and that lowers your blood sugar level and keeps you cool and controlled.

7. Cashew

A recent study has proved the power of zinc in lowering down your anxiety level. People with low level of zinc in their body are quite likely to face stress and anxiety. Zinc is an element that is hardly stored by our body. So, intake of a handful of cashews each day may prove helpful. For zinc intake oysters are another great choice.

8. Blueberries

You need vitamin C and antioxidants, especially when you are not in a good mood. Apparently, blueberries are small but these are the real stress boosters that repair the damaged brain cells.

9. Red Pepper

Vitamin C has a great role to play, when you are tensed. Red pepper is one item that holds a larger quantity of vitamin C (greater than oranges). It not only lowers the cortisol level but it also controls your blood pressure.

10. Magnesium-based Foods

Any food item that has magnesium, promises relief from panic, anxiety and depression. It may include; nuts, seeds, green vegetables, pumpkin, seaweed, sesame seed or any other item containing magnesium.

11. Asparagus

Not favorite of many but still it is acknowledged for its folate enriched properties to keep you cool and calm. There are so many ways to eat it, opt for whatever way you like.

12. Milk

Milk (low-fat), especially at bed time, has a lot of advantages. First of all, it cures insomnia (a form of stress). The long list of milk properties including; protein (lowers blood pressure), potassium (cures muscle spasms resulting from stress), vitamin B2 and B12, all promise positive effects on body.

13. Pistachio

Potassium too has stress-relieving properties. Intake of potassium proves helpful in lowering your blood pressure. Pistachio is one such diet that has an ample amount of potassium. Next time you feel stressed, don’t forget to munch few.

14. Fish on your Dish



Don’t let those stress hormones surge inside you. Intake of fish, especially salmon and tuna fish (enriched with omega-3 fatty acids) balances the amount of cortisol and adrenaline in the moment of stress. Omega-3s is also highly beneficial for the overall health of your heart.

15. Turkey

Turkey relaxes our mind. Amino acids tryptophan in it, is a great source that signals the brain to release serotonin, a natural chemical that boosts the mood and makes you feel better.

16. Old-fashioned Oatmeal



To keep the feel-good hormone, serotonin, flowing in your body, you need oatmeal. Prefer thickly cut oatmeal and not the instant ones. The ones that require a longer procedure of cooking take time in digesting. The longer it’s the part of your body, the longer you are going to feel good.

17. Black Tea

Black tea is a proven beverage that makes you feel relaxed and calm. If you are in a stressful condition, drinking black tea would lower the cortisol (stress hormone) level in the body.

18. Garlic

A power-packed antioxidant food, garlic has allicin that boosts immunity. So, you must have it as a part of your diet to bear the side effects of stress.

19. Pasta

Pasta covered in sauce


Pasta has complex carbs that are helpful in producing serotonin (feel-good hormone). Other than pasta, many other food items like whole grain bread and other breakfast cereals should be on your hit list. [Read here: Low Carb Holiday Recipes.]

20. Oranges

Orange is another great and natural source of vitamin C. Eating oranges or drinking fresh orange juice especially in breakfast, relaxes your mind and energizes your body.

Conclusion: Stress is a natural condition and no one can avoid that. The least we can do is to lessen its level. Next time, when you are tensed and you have any of these items at hand, try it without giving a second thought.

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