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2-Minute Weekend Makeup Routine for Perfectly Matte Skin

After following a hectic schedule of whole week at work, weekend is just like a fresh breath of air. We all feel excited for partying and hanging out with friends. If most of your weekend time is going to be spent in traveling, you need a whole new way to manage your look. A traveling weekend does not require a whole makeup bag. Multitasking makeup compacts and other basic essential are enough to give you a perfect look. You need a look that goes great with casual to formal wear. A matte skin look brings out the best in you. You can get that flawless look within two minutes. Let’s find out with our 2-minute weekend makeup routine.

Why a Matte Look should be Preferred?

For weekend fun, we would recommend you to opt for a velvety matte look. Using matte cosmetics with your everyday look is the best option. Unlike dewy makeup, it has no shine and gives you a balanced look. Matte makeup is also considered one of the best choices for oily skin or the skin with acne breakouts. Especially it brings the best results in photographs, just like the flawless faces of the celebs. So, to make your weekend pictures perfect, with a matte finish, here is all that you need to do, to get a perfect matte skin within two minutes. [Read here: How to Contour your Face?]

Prepping the Skin for Matte Look

For a matte skin, it is essential to follow a prepping procedure in the first place. You can’t get that velvety and powdery touch without following the steps given below.

Step# 1: Cleanse your Skin

Start it all by rinsing your face with some gentle cleanser. Simply apply it on your face and avoid hard rubbing. Rinse it off well with cool to lukewarm water.

Step#2: Exfoliate your Face and Lips

A matte skin is all about a velvety and even look. Not just your face, your lips are equally responsible of creating that perfection. So, your face and lips to get rid of any dry patches. To get the best results, I would recommend you to opt for some sugar-based lips exfoliators.

Note: Excessive exfoliation may cause skin irritation. Gently exfoliate in circular movements. Your forehead, nose and chin need it the most. As these areas are oilier than others on your face. Keep it away from your eyes.

Step #3: Patches of Toner

Apply toner to balance the PH level of the skin. It would help controlling the amount of oil.

Step#4: A Well-Moisturized Skin

Applying a moisturizer would make sure that you have a fuss-free skin without any flaking and dryness. A well moisturized base of the skin ensures that the makeup glides on easily. Just pick the moisturizer, keeping in view your skin type. For example, if you have a dry skin, you may face the skin problems like fine lines and wrinkles. So, it is recommended to use a moisturizer that has antioxidants and petrolatum in its list of ingredients. Girls with oily skin type should consider using an oil-free moisturizer.

Note: Don’t apply any makeup, unless the skin is not dried well.

Step# 5: Apply a Primer

The last step of prepping is the application of primer. Many of you might have no idea, why do we use a primer? The best use of a primer is to keep the makeup at its place. Besides this, there are many other advantages like it instantly conceals the pores and fine lines and leaves your skin feeling noticeably smoother. For a matte skin, I would suggest you to opt for an oil-free mattifying primer.

Start a Matte Makeup Now

Once you are done with that prepping procedure, you are ready now for applying a matte makeup. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step# 1: Foundation

You need a full coverage matte foundation that matches your natural skin tone and a foundation brush or sponge for superior blendability. You can use your fingers to blend as well. The application of foundation must not take more than a few seconds.

Step# 2: A Highlighter and Concealer

It’s an important step especially for the girls who are fed up of dark circles. Simply apply the highlighter under your eyes and blend it well. Then put on some concealer and blend it seamlessly. Just a few more seconds and you are one more step towards a flawless look.

Note: Women who want to hide some blemish somewhere on their face, can also apply a small amount of concealer on it.

Step# 3: Lock in Foundation

Now apply a slight layer of setting powder to give a finishing touch to your foundation. Be very careful, don’t overdo it.

Step # 4: Matte Eye Shadow in Neutral Shade

eye shadow


There are so many matte eye shadows available in cosmetic’s markets. Pick any of your choice. For a perfectly matte finish opt for the shades of beige or brown. Don’t forget to apply some darker matte tone in the crease part of your lids. It helps in emphasizing the shape of your eyes. To accentuate your look, apply a matte (not shimmery) eye liner.

Note: Don’t ignore your brows. Brows enhance your look. Apply some matte brow pencil to fill in the eyebrows. And don’t forget mascara for perfect eyes.

Step# 5: Highlight your Cheeks

Spend a few more seconds in applying a matte blush powder on your cheeks. Stroke it towards the hairline.

Step# 6: Highlight your Lips



The perfect weekend look cannot be completed without adding a pop of pretty color to your lips. Find any matte lipstick of your choice. Or you can use the lip crayons in matte finish. These are not just easy to use but it also gives a matte and velvety finish without drying the lips. And above all, it lasts longer than a normal lipstick. So, you can have hours of wear. The application of lipstick would not take more than 30 seconds.

Conclusion: If you have given an ample time to the prepping steps, and you have all the matte cosmetics, like mentioned above, no one can stop you from getting that drop-dead gorgeous look in just a few minutes. [Read here: How to Clean Makeup Brushes?]

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