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18 Sweet Peach Nail Designs for a Juicy Spring Manicure

Since Peach Fuzz became the Pantone Color of the year, peach manicures are everywhere. Peach nails are the perfect transitional nail color from the darker shades and tones of winter to the lighter and more breezy colors of spring and summer. They complement all skin types and nail lengths. You can choose from a range of shades, including creamsicle and tangerine. Your perfect peach shade is available as a solid color, chrome or shimmery effect, or as reverse French. Modern peach manicures are open to all kinds of variations. Here are 18 of our favorite manicure looks.

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Mismatched Swirls

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By painting each hand in a different palette of colors, you can instantly upgrade the popular swirl nail art. The swirl pattern can be accented with pink, peach and lime green to create a striking look. These color combinations may not seem obvious, but they are all in the same family of pastels and look great together.

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A Touch of Tangerine


There is no shade of peach that’s off limits. If you prefer bright colors, choose a darker shade of peach that is almost orange. You can easily recreate this manicure at home using a creamy nail polish such as Dazzle Dry’s Nail Lacquer Creamsicle Sombre ($22). It dries within five minutes and remains intact for up to a week.

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Pastel Geometric


A geometric nail design with pastel colors is fun and refreshing. A heavy outline of white breaks up this color pattern which is a salmon-colored peach accented with blue, yellow and taupe.

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Peach Ombre Glitter


Paint the nails with peach jelly polish to create a subtle ombre. Anna created a gradient fade using Bubble’s Fade Into Me ($25) set, which contains four creamy gel polishes. The transition is from a pale peach to a darker tone at the tips of the nails. The addition of a light dusting at the tip of the nails of gold glitter adds drama.

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Flower Power


Spring is here, and for many that means a change from vampy nails to something brighter. This two-trends meets-one-nail look is perfect for nail appointments where you don’t know whether to go with a French manicure or dainty florals. The floral nail design is tied together by incorporating peach in the tips.

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Bright Orange


If you want a bright color that doesn’t scream neon, try Cirque Colors Nail Polish in Rumor Mill ($13). Cirque Colors Rumor Mill Nail Polish ($13) is a vibrant shade that does not scream neon.

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Peachy Keen


This pretty, soft take on classic peach nails features a milky-toned undertone which looks stunning on shorter nail lengths. For this nail color inspired by the ’90s, choose Peacci Nail Polish Hubba Bubba (13 dollars).

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Pumpkin Spice


Peach nails don’t have to be pastel or bright. This version is a deep, muted peachy orange that reminds you of the pumpkin-spice shades of every fall. This gorgeous shade is perfect for wearing all year round. It has subtle brown hints that give it a sophisticated look.

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Two Toned Tips


The combination of pale peach and cherry red is beautiful, but unexpected. The peach color fills up more space. (And we have to give bonus points for its trendy square shape.)

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Peach Negative Space


This negative space manicure has a special edge thanks to the combination of dark and light peach shades. The neutral middle tone of the nail acts as a base for the peach shades. The fun of changing the pattern on each nail is a great way to add a new twist.

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Peachy Swirls


A dimensional manicure is created by free-form twists, swirls, and striations in peach polish, white polish, and red-orange. This peach-fizz manicure screams the summer.

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Baby Blues


Pairing peach polish with a pale blue shade is a low-key, easy way to incorporate it into your manicure. Mixing patterns and solids together can create a playful take on color.

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Ombre Tips


It’s easy to see why ombre tips are so beautiful in a peach shade. A darker pastel version creates a summery look. The nails begin as a peach-orange shade and gradually progress to a faded peach, which is the perfect neutral.

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Peach Nude French Manicure


This set is perfect for those who like a shorter manicure. These nails are a combination of peach solid fingers and minimalist white geometric designs. The peachy shade acts as a neutral base here.

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Peach Glazed donut Nails


The glazed donuts trend allows you to use any color of the rainbow. A pretty peach shade in a pearly finish creates a subdued look. To achieve this look, apply a few coats a peach-toned nail polish, such as Deborah Lippman’s Soft Parade Nail Lacquer in Every Time we Touch ($20), then top it off with a white and silver chrome powder.

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Jumbo Reverse French Mani


A reverse French manicure usually features a thin line of color at base of nail. This set takes the French manicure to a whole new level by using a thick gold stripe. This look can be easily replicated by using peach nail polish on the nails and then using a large brush to create the detail around the cuticles, but press-on nails are the best option. Try PaintBox The Right Angle ($29), medium-length oval nails with metallic foil on a matte peachy background.

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Tip in Color


Create a negative-space manicure by placing the majority of the peach polish on the top of your nail. The tips are the only part of the nail that is colored, the rest being a base coat with a shine.

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Mini Peaches


Consider micro peaches for a manicure that looks as real as the original. This design is stunning whether it’s painted freehand on the nails or done with decals. The peaches look so beautiful dancing on the nails.

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