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16 Unique Ways to Wear Adidas Sambas


Adidas Sambas has been a classic since 1950. However, a recent revival among celebrities brought them to the forefront. Emily Ratajkowsi styled hers with a cardigan and trousers. Bella Hadid wore them with a trench and neutral loungewear, while Jennifer Lawrence wore her wrap coat.

Adidas Sambas are a genius because of their simplicity and versatility. The Adidas Sambas look equally stylish paired with a track pant, tennis skirt, or trousers. They add a casual, effortless feel to any outfit. The Sambas can be used to dress down a jacket or give a prairie skirt a little edge. Some of the best combinations are those that you wouldn’t expect. Sambas are available in a variety of colors and can be worn as a basic everyday item or as a statement piece.

Blazer and baseball hat

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Combining two items with opposite aesthetics will always result in an outfit that is interesting. Baseball hats and blazers are classic examples. The items may seem to be for different occasions at first, but when combined, they create the perfect balance of being put together while still feeling relaxed. Since 1989, Princess Diana wore this look to drop off her children at school. It girls have been copying it. Double up on the contrast with tailored shorts and Sambas.

Double Denim

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Sambas and Canadian tuxedos go together like a dream. A classic combination is white sneakers with jeans, but you could also try a pair of brightly colored sneakers.

Tailored Trousers

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Sambas and tailored trousers are a good example of items that have opposite styles complementing each other. Sambas in a different color could be used to add interest or tie an accessory into the look.

Jeans with a Tank

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Sambas in bright colors can add interest to a basic outfit. To add cohesion to the look, match your sneakers with your sunglasses or your bag. You can also throw a sweater on your shoulders. “Oh, I just threw this on.” energy.

Track Pants with a Button-Down

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Pair a blue button-down with red track pants, matching Sambas and a cropped red button-down. Once again, opposites attract. The button-down is taken out of the boardroom and brought into street style. This uniform is also ideal for Zoom meetings.

All-Black Outift

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A colorful pair of sneakers can dress down an otherwise more corporate outfit. Color adds a lot of variety to an all-black outfit that lacks in texture or shape.

A Colorful Blazer

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The chartreuse blazer is a statement piece that goes well with basic staples such as jeans and a button-down shirt. But adding colorful Sambas adds a pop of color without being too loud.

A Mini Skirt with a Blazer

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

This time, the blazer and baseball cap are paired with a mini-skirt. A blazer that hits at the hem creates an elegant look. Sambas are casual and high socks add to the schoolboy look.

Tennis Skirts

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Tennis skirts and crewnecks will highlight the sportswear aspect of Adidas Sambas. The Sambas could make this outfit look capital P preppy, but they ground it. The look is completed with a sporty headband of the same color as the Sambas.

Coats and bags that match

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It’s not a new idea to match your shoes with your bag, but doing so in a vibrant color is even more striking. Keep the rest of your look neutral to let the accessories stand out. Grey jeans with a white shirt are the perfect backdrop.

Neutrals layered

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Red Sambas bring color to a neutral outfit, and they stand out against the cream pants. This outfit would look classic and prim with any other shoe. But the sneakers give it an edge, and make it more relaxed.

Leather Bomber

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A leather bomber is one of the few things that read effortlessly cool. You can look like a celeb photographed by paparazzi while on their morning coffee run if you layer a leather bomber with a sweatshirt and jeans.

Trousers with a Cardigan

Gotham/Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski’s breezy look will give you the model-off-duty look. The combination of trousers and a cardigan might sound formal, but adding a pair of sambas and leaving the sweater unbuttoned makes it casual.

Black and white Fit

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

If you can’t match your outfit with your sambas, try simple black and white pieces.

Wear loungewear and a Trench coat

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Sweatpants, sneakers, and aviators aren’t groundbreaking. But adding a trench and keeping the rest neutral elevates this look. The camel-colored Sambas look great with the warm brown trench, sepia-tinted sunglasses, and warm brown trench. This is a great airport outfit.

Maxi skirt and tights

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

This look shows that sneakers and tights can work together. It works with just a few inches peeking out from under the maxi skirt. The tights can be matched with shoes, a top, a jacket, and a bag.

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