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15 Outfits to Wear on Those Slightly Warm 70-Degree Days

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As seasons change, from winter to spring to summer to fall you can expect to see more days with temperatures above 70 degrees. The weather is warm during the day, but the evenings are cooler. This can create a wardrobe dilemma for those who plan to spend the whole day outdoors. Bring a jacket just in case. Does it feel cool enough to wear boots yet? Will a sweater make me too warm?

If you style your outfit correctly, then almost any item of clothing can work. If you wear lighter clothing like a mini-skirt or sleeveless shirt, you won’t overheat in boots and sweaters. You can add a layer of coolness to your outfit by leaving a buttoned-down shirt unbuttoned or tying a cardigan over your shoulders. Layering is the best way to keep yourself from being too hot or cold.

We’ve rounded-up our favorite outfits for 70-degree days, thanks to street-style stars.

Crochet Dress + Loafers

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Combining a crochet dress and loafers will give you a cool, casual look that is perfect for running errands. You can also wear it for a romantic evening out. You can dress the look up with a pair or heeled loafers, chunky earrings, or ankle strap heels.

Pullover Sweater + Mini Skirt

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Pullover sweaters can be worn in all seasons. A light knit version looks great with a mini-skirt and ballet flats. If neutrals are too boring for you, try adding a statement handbag or a sweater in a vibrant color.

White T-Shirt + Denim Mini Skirt

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The denim maxi skirt is a great item to have in your wardrobe. It provides adequate coverage and elevates basic outfits. Wear a white T shirt and sneakers to create a sporty look for the day, or a button-down denim shirt for a unique take on a Canadian tuxedo.

Button-Down shirt + shorts

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Nothing beats a matching outfit for mid-afternoon adventures. A bright orange shirt with matching shorts will be a striking ensemble for those who live in warmer climates. It’ll make a statement while keeping you cool. Combine the bright set with accessories such as pastel mules or sneakers.

Corset Tank Top + Trousers

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The tank top and pants combination is an easy choice for any occasion but is especially great when the weather is mildly warmer. The beige corseted shirt looks stylish (but casual) when worn with black pants and sneakers. If you are going to be outside all day, bring a lightweight sweater or cardigan.

Polo + Pleated Skirt

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This sporty look doesn’t require you to be a tennis pro. A polo shirt tucked in a mini-skirt with pleats is a versatile outfit that can be paired with any type of shoe from chunky sneakers or knee-high boots. Tie a sweater around the waist or shoulders to complete this preppy outfit.

Cropped Jersey + Trousers

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Most jerseys are made from breathable materials, making them perfect for a 70-degree warm day. Crop your favorite jersey to add dimension and pair it with wide-leg trousers and sneakers. Style the casual top in ankle boots or loafers to add a sophisticated touch.

Vest + Trousers

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This pinstripe vest looks great paired with matching pants. Style this classic combination with chunky shoes and a beaded neckpiece to make it feel modern, whether you’re heading to the office or having lunch with your girlfriends.

Satin Slipdress + Extra Layer

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Slip dresses are one of your most versatile wardrobe pieces. They can be worn from day to evening. A satin button-down is a great extra layer for an afternoon. But for evening wear, you can add a leather or satin trench coat.

Blazer + Denim Shorts

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Wear your cowboy boots now before the weather gets too warm. Keep the rest of your outfit casual by wearing high-waisted jeans shorts with a white T-shirt and a blazer. A silk scarf belt, or layers of necklaces can help bring this look together.

Wearing a white T-shirt and sneakers with overalls is a great combination.

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Overalls, a childhood favorite can be stylish if they are styled correctly. Wearing a pair with a vibrant pattern, such as stripes or florals, can make the garment more stylish. They are also perfect for hot days when worn with a T-shirt. Shoes are always comfortable, but combat boot can give a more edgy look.

Duster Jacket + One Shoulder Top

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Add a leather duster into your spring wardrobe to master layering. This piece of outerwear, which is typically a fall staple for many people, can be worn over a top with a single shoulder and jeans in warmer temperatures. To emphasize the duster’s long lines, pair it with bold footwear like leopard-print or snakeskin flats.

Cargo pants + Graphic T-Shirt

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Combine your graphic tee with puffy cargos pants to create the ultimate cool girl look. The ruched details on this pair add dimension to a baggy silhouette, creating a bold yet casual ensemble. Accessorize the relaxed outfits with simple shoulder bags and sandals.

Knit Bandeau + Cardigan

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If you live in a place where 70 degrees is sweater weather, then a knitted cardigan and bandeau set will be perfect. Pair the knitted pieces if you don’t mind showing a little bit of skin with low-rise baggy jeans. Not your style? For more coverage, we also recommend high-waisted denim or a midi dress.

Tie Top + Maxi Skirt

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Even though 70-degree afternoons are warm, you can wear a long-sleeved top if the wind is blowing. Wearing this tie-front top with a matching maxi skirt in a bright color such as green or cherry is both comfortable and stylish. Finish off the look with a pair classic sneakers and an eye-catching bag.

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