Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want

14 Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want

It is often said, “Gifts are the ways of expressing gratitude”. Gifts are not only the way for expressing gratitude, but also, they are the best way through which one can strengthen the relationship between the two and promote the feelings of love and mutual trust.

With the holiday season on its verge, most people might begin to think what to offer to their traveler friend, while he’s on his visit. And if you are among those people thinking the same thing and struggling with the gifting task, don’t worry. We have got you covered this year, as we are going to give you a handful of gift ideas that can exactly suit the needs of a traveler.

The following list of the 14 gifts for the travelers will actually add a sense of luxury and a touch of travel adventure, no matter how long or small; his travel might be. So, fasten your seat belts, don’t panic for the budget and check out our top 14 gift picks for the travelers that are necessary for them. From less than $5 to over $1000, there’s something that you can gift to your traveler friend or the one in your family who travel a lot. Check the below mentioned top 14 gifts for travelers and get your bond stronger:

Ultra-Organized Travel Backpack

Well, the most important thing for the jet- setter for the one who love to travel time to time is none other than a backpack that can allow him to take all his necessary items with him. Regarding this, no gift can is better than a good piece of luggage. Although rolling suitcases have replaced these backpacks, most of the people prefer holding the backpacks instead of those annoying rollers as these have enough compartments to house all the items that a traveler want to carry along with him.


Being a travel nerd, I would love to have those snoring- cancelling headphones to safeguard myself against a sleepless night. As a matter of fact, most of the travelers have to face the hassle of travelling with annoying companion who snores a lot or babies who cry from time to time. So, a comfortable piece of noise- cancelling headphones would be a blessing.

Lavender Oil

Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want

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You might find it funny but equipping your traveler friend with a bottle of essential oil would be a lot more helpful than any other thing because natural remedies go far more helpful at a new place, when you have no idea from where to get your medical attention. Regardless to say, Lavender oil is miraculous is reducing the stress, helping with cuts and bruises and helping in getting better sleep.

Skin Soothing Face Mist

If you are dealing with your girly traveler friend or family member, then no other gift can be useful other than skin soothing face mist. As a matter of fact, altitude and skin don’t really complement each other so there’s where this gift can help. This skin mist can help a traveler to keep his or her skin hydrated without letting it lose its sparkle and glow.

SD Card Camera reader

Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want

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Although smartphones have got built in amazing cameras – now with the dual lenses, however, while on a travel, DSLRs can capture better shots. With this in mind, you can cover your friend from a big hassle of connecting camera to a computer and uploading all of the photos by gifting him with a SD card camera reader. The reader plugs in the phone of the traveler, and he’s done!

Cosmetics Clutch

Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want

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You can help your friend to keep her make up- the most precious cargo, in an organized way using a charming cosmetic clutch.

Red Cowhide Leather Small Casual Clutch (BUY NOW)

Red Cowhide Leather Small Casual Clutch (BUY NOW)

Sleep Aid

Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want

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Including me, most of the travelers find difficulty in sleeping because of the various activities and lighting around. Being in that situation, the only thing that can help is the sleep aid which can help a traveler to catch sleep in style.

Passport Protector


Source: Pinterest

While travelling, the most important asset of a traveler is his passport and the way through which he can keep it safe is none other than a passport protector. These are available in cute designs and colors, that you can choose according to choice and temper of an individual.

Laptop Guard

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

A sleek laptop case with a padded interior can help to keep the most expensive electronics of the traveler safe, while he is on his trip, no matter what hurly-burly he hit.

Books/ Magazines

What’s the best thing while you are travelling? Umm, for the nerds, reading books or magazines is surely the way out to escape from boredom. So, if you are looking for something that you can gift to your traveling geek, then considering a book or an interesting magazine won’t make a hard-nosed gift. Check 10 Self Help Books for Women

Travel Pillow

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

For the travelers like me, nothing can help but a travel pillow. A comfortable journey is not less than a blessing of God. So turn the journey of your friend by gifting him a soft and comfortable travel pillow that can turn his coach into first class without any much added expenses.

Leather Charger Roll- Up

Source: popsugar

Source: popsugar

Admit it; we all hate the hassle of those messed up charging pins with other accessories present within our hand bags and pockets. If you want to keep your friend safe from that annoying inconvenience, then you can surely gift him with those charger roll- ups, that can keep the chargers, headphones and other wire- y accessories in place with style.

Power Bank

The fear of getting your phone dead at the spot of travelling hinder you from using your cell phone, listening to music and playing your favorite games. That’s what makes your journey stressful and boring. So, regarding this fact, you can gift your friend with a customized power bank through which he can keep all his devices juiced up on the go.

Ticket Stub Diary

Last but not the least, the thing that travelers would love to have is the ticket stub diary, which can allow him to keep the records of his all the cozy adventures – even after they have gone.

So what’s your favorite pick? Do share with us in the comments below! Want to know the gifts under 50? Check The Best Gifts under $50 to Brightening Someone’s Day

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