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13 Sandals You Can’t Live Without in Summer

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It’s sandal season soon! The urge to shed winter layers as we near the magical transitional period before spring is unavoidable. We are ready to put away our thick knits and heavy coats. And, of course, our chunky boots. As we move into spring, it’s time to embrace all things sandals.

There are many different types of sandals. From mules to wedges and platforms, there is a style for every occasion. From the essentials that will never go out-of-style to on-trend styles, we’re here with a breakdown of everything. We’ll help find the perfect shoe for any occasion, whether it’s a formal event or a casual day out.

We will explore 13 sandal styles that are essential for this season.


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A sexy, strappy sandal is a sure bet. You can control your style with so many options. Choose a pair with laces that complement your dress for an evening event. For a more subtle but still sexy look, choose a pair with flat soles. The flat pair maintains the allure of the heels without adding drama.



Justice for wedges! The iconic cork pair is no longer the mainstay of Y2K. When styled properly, wedges can add a feminine touch to any outfit. Opt for something sleek and metallic or leather instead of natural fabrics.

Flip Flops


Flip flops are a polarizing pair. They are officially high-fashion. The Row has a leather version that is like the older, chicer Havianas. These shoes are a great way of dressing down an otherwise too formal summer look, and giving it a more relaxed feel.

Kitten Heel


You don’t always want to wear heels, but wearing flats isn’t the best option either. What’s the solution? Consider a kitten heel. They are comfortable and offer a polished look.



There are many options when it comes to choosing a pair of mules. Follow the lead of Emili Sindlev and channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Sindlev chose a vintage Louis Vuitton mule styled with a short skirt, a look that is truly Carrie-inspired. Choose a pair of heels with a block heel and square toe for something less sweet but more edgy. Style them with jeans to create a cool, comfortable look.



So they say. Platforms work well for more formal occasions. If your dress is too long, and you don’t have time to hem it, they’re a great option. They’re not just a quick wardrobe fix. Platform sandals do not need to be hidden under layers of fabric; they can become the stars of the show. When styled with tea-length dresses, they sparkle brightly. Choose a pair of ultra-chic metallics or a pair in shiny satin to make it suitable for cocktail wear.



We understand that comfort is important on some days. Who doesn’t love a comfortable slide? They are perfect for running errands or attending Pilates. Fashion has now embraced the style and brands offer slides in many styles, colors, and fabrics.

Sporty Styles


Designers have put their own spin on the classic “ugly footwear” of Tevas and other sporty sandals. Miu Miu’s Riviere sandals are a new take on the classic sporty sandal. They feature athletic cords. If the chunky sporty sandals inspired by dads aren’t your style, then the Riviere is a sleek and chic alternative.



Now that we’ve covered platform sandals, it’s time for their casual counterpart: The flatform sandal. Flatforms are different from platforms which have a thicker sole at the heel and a thinner sole in the front creating a difference in height. Instead, they feature a sole that is uniformly thick along the length of the shoe and keep the toes and heels the same height. This design offers a contemporary and edgy appearance while providing comfort and height. Platforms are usually preferred for formal looks because of their classic, heel-like look. Flatforms, however, are perfect for those who want a more casual, comfortable feeling with height.

Fuzzy Feet


The fur trend is sweeping the world. (Faux) fur shoes, bags and coats dominated the FW24 runways. Furry feet are perfect for fashion enthusiasts who like to experiment. It’s not the most classic look, but it is a fun and playful way to participate in the trend.

Block Heel


Block heels are popular because of their comfort and versatility. This is the most versatile summer shoe you can find. The thick heel prevents you from sinking into the ground, so it’s perfect for weddings in summer. Block heels are characterized by a chunky, square heel. They come in high and mid-height versions to suit different occasions and preferences.



Little embellishment can go a long way. Take this pair for example: The heel is low and suitable for wearing during the day, but the embellishments make them dressy for evening wear.



The fisherman’s sandal, once considered “ugly”, has gained in popularity. The stylish androgynous sandals pair perfectly with linen billows, adding a sophisticated touch. These sandals are also a great match for tailored trousers and crisp shirts, adding to the elegance of your look. They are perfect for fall and winter thanks to their semi-closed-toe design.

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