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12 Rainy Day Outfits to Brighten Your Mood and Wardrobe


Spring is a difficult season to style, at least in terms of fashion. We all look forward to the warmer days, but we are often faced with weeks of rain and grayer days. you can create outfits that combine style and functionality to make you feel as if the sun is shining, even if the skies are gray. We have a lot of ideas for bringing some style to a rainy day, whether you are bringing back the fashion statement or wearing darker colors to be practical. See 12 outfits for rainy days that will make you look stylish.

Rain on Me

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Even though the weather is gloomy and rainy, your outfit doesn’t have to be. A little rain can inspire you to create a bold outfit. Take inspiration from Da’vine Joy Randolph and pair a leather trench coat with red satin dress, sunglasses, and a glamorous touch.

Get Ready to Adventure

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You don’t have to stay indoors just because it is raining. It’s okay to explore, but make sure that you are properly dressed for the weather by purchasing some rain boots and a warm anorak jacket. You can also wear a bucket hat for your hair to keep it protected.

On the Run

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It’s a classic dilemma: You’re feeling energetic, the temperature is rising and you just put together a complete outfit, but then it starts to rain. Throw on an oversized leather jacket to protect yourself from the rain without looking out of place. This look is perfect for a passing rainstorm, as you can easily switch between being practical and looking stylish.

Easy Being Green

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Darker colors are best for rainy days. A white outfit will show the effects of an unexpected downpour. Try a rich shade of green for a fresh, practical spring look. Pair a shearling-trimmed green jacket with flare pants, a baseball cap, and some practical but fun flare pants for a casual look.

Casual Cool

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It can be difficult to find the motivation to leave your bed on a grey day. create a stylish look that is simple and inspired by pairing an oversized hoodie, a trench coat, and lace-up boots. You will look stylish even if you are not feeling it. The contrast between an oversized hoodie, structured trench coat, and lace-up boots is perfect.

Cheerful Color Blocking

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It’s important to add color to your outfit on dull days. Choose a colorful raincoat with a vibrant snake print handbag to create a dopamine-inspired outfit for rainy days.

Denim Forever

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denim will always be a good choice if you are ever in doubt about what to wear. You can dress it up or down and wear it in any weather. Just bring an umbrella with you if the rain is coming down. You can mix up your blue jeans with a trendy denim coat. Pair it with white sneakers and colorful rompers for some spring fun.

The Great Outdoors

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The winter may be over but we shouldn’t put away our boots and coats just yet. It’s important to have a good collection of rain gear and layers to help you get through the spring. No one wants to freeze for hours because they don’t want to wear a coat. Pair a neutral raincoat and some comfy joggers with rain boots to emulate Kacey Musgraves.

Pastel Showers

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Rain or shine, spring is the time to wear pastel colors and floral prints. Pair a floral or plaid coat with sweet accessories to brighten a dull day.

Layered Style

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Layering is a great way to add interest and style to a rainy-day outfit. Combine romance with athletic style by wearing a black flared dress and an oversized sporty coat. A white corset will add a touch of unexpected style to your outfit, even on gloomy days.


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A regular raincoat has the disadvantage of hiding your underwear. Clear raincoats solve this issue while looking stylish. To get ready for any weather, layer a pattern with a fun design over a dress in black and your favorite spring bag.

Dark Dopamine

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You can never go wrong with a look that is all black. This is especially true on a rainy, dark day. It’s not necessary to wear all black. Add some texture to the outfit by adding a woven jacket or leather skirt. This will add depth and interest.

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