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11 Shoes Wear With Sweatpants for Your Comfy Days Out

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Wearing sweatpants out of the home is no longer considered a fashion faux pas. It is not uncommon to see celebrities like Rihanna or Sarah Jessica Parker wearing loungewear. While maxi skirts and jeans are the most popular choices for outings, you can also wear soft, stretchy sweats. These sweatshirts are comfortable and can be dressed up for a street-style look.

Style sweats with anything from mules and a crop top to platform sneakers and a long coat. You’ll look relaxed yet stylish. There is a shoe that can transform your favorite sweats, whether you are going out on a date or doing errands.

We’ve listed 11 styles of shoes you can consider when designing your next sweatpants outfit.


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It’s not an obvious pairing, but this simple style hack will transform your casual outfit into something chic. Although any style will work, from pointed-toed pumps to slingback sandals, we recommend matching your stilettos with your sweatpants for a chic and effortless look.


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You can get a similar look by wearing mules if stilettos are too glamorous for you. The mules still have a luxurious look, but they come in a variety of styles. They range from open-toed block heels to pointed-toed flats. To pull off this look, choose mules that you can combine with bold accessories such as a coat in patterned patterns to elevate simple sweats.


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Booties and sweatpants can be worn together without sacrificing comfort. Booties look great with joggers you can raise up to showcase your footwear, but they also go well with sweatpants with wide legs. Try a bootie with a sculptural or eye-catching heel.

Platform Sneakers

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Wear your sweatpants and platform sneakers for a sporty, casual look. The platform sneakers are a timeless choice, but the height adds a new twist to your outfit. The classic black platform shoe is a great choice to pair with a colorful sweatpant. If you prefer bolder footwear, choose a style that has colorful accents.

Mary Janes

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Mary Janes will give your sweatpants an edgy look. Mary Janes are available in both flat and heeled styles, so you can find one that fits your style. If you want to make a bold statement, opt for patent leather or a pair in a bright color.

Combat Boots

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This outfit is perfect for those who love the grunge look. Combining chunky combat boots with green sweatpants, a black jacket, and vibrant green sweatpants creates an outfit that is bold but also effortless. Combat boots can be worn with a monochromatic outfit to add drama and edge.

Western Boots

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Wear western-inspired boots to channel your inner cowgirl. For a classic pair of brown boots, neutral sweats will look great with them. However, for a more durable pair, beige or black cowboy boots are better options. These boots have a contemporary look and are easy to add to your footwear rotation.

Strappy Sandals

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You can wear your favorite sweatpants with open-toed shoes. Strappy sandals are the way to go for the coolest look. You can elevate your sweatpants with any style, whether you opt for white flat sandals, green block heels, or anything in between.


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Loafers are a great choice if you want a shoe to balance casual and sophisticated. They are classic shoes that instantly add style to your outfit.

Accessorize your patterned sweats and bomber jacket with black loafers for a balanced look.

Cap-Toe Heels

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Compare the casualness of sweatpants to a pair of cap-toe heels. Color-blocking instantly catches your eye and gives an athleisure outfit an elegant twist. Combining the traditional beige and black style with a leather coat or an oversized blazer creates a sleek, low-effort look.

Lug-Sole Boots

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It’s not just for rainy weather that you can tuck your sweatpants inside lug-soled boots. This look is perfect for running errands or grabbing brunch with your girlfriends. It is even more interesting when the entire outfit (including the boots) has the same color scheme. Consider pairing your sweats and Chelsea boots to adapt this look for warmer temperatures.

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