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11 Effortless Hairstyles for Thick Hair That Save Time and Stay Chic


Thick hair is a beauty dream, but it can also be high maintenance. Thick hair can take on a life all its own, especially in the summer. The right style for thick hair will help you keep your hair under control when it is as hot as a summer sauna.

Instagram is a great source of inspiration for hairstyles that are tailored to thick hair. Beauty lovers below know how to work their thick hair into a statement style. No matter if your thick hair is curly, wavy or stick-straight there are a few stunning styles you can try.

Messy Bun

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Sarah Shropshire of House of Shropshire is well aware that a messy bun always looks cool and stylish (and saves you the summer heat).

Sleek High Bun


Aimee’s hairstyle is almost as influential as her style. She looks stylish with a high-bun and hair slicked back on the crown, plus a bright red lip.

Low Pony


Nadia Fairfax, of Fairfax Journal, ties her long hair into a low and messy ponytail in order to keep the strands away from her face on hot days.

Scarf-Tied Braids


Lil Ahenkan, a television personality and influencer from Australia, styles her thick, long hair in fun, colorful ways. She ties up her braids in a blue scarf with a pattern.

Sweep it Back


Natalie Suarez, Natalie off Duty, knows that on hot days a thick summer scarf or headband can keep hairs away from your neck.

Sky-High Pony


Kiki Layne’s natural texture is stunning with any style. We love when she chooses a high-ponytail to keep hair away from her face and embrace all the volume that thick hair can hold.

Ponytail with Bangs


New Darlings Christina takes a voluminous ponytail, keeping her brunette hair in a wave and adding volume to the crown.

Half-Up Waves


Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley wins the award for the most stylish all-season look. She wears her naturally curly hair in a half-upstyle, with the natural waves parted along the middle. This gives the right balance between volume and control.

Slicked Back Bun


Model Nisa Maranda Jones usually wears her hair in an afro but she will occasionally tie it up. This chic bun is perfect for summer’s humid days.

Best of Both Worlds


Kalysse Antony slicks the top half of the hair back in the middle part. Her curls are left to make a statement at the back.

Keep it Simple


Amy Serrano, a beauty and fashion YouTuber, demonstrates how a ponytail can be a great way to manage thick hair during the summer heat.

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