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10 Underrated Beauty Brands You Need to Finally Try in 2017

We all have grown up to the big beauty brands like MAC, NARS, LANCOME, Bobbi Brown etc. All through these years, these big names have been dominating the beauty industry. People buy their products because they trust all these big names. But that doesn’t mean that these are the only reliable beauty brands. Each year we see the launch of various new brand or beauty products. There are some underrated brands that have been here since years and their products are great. But unfortunately, they are over shadowed by the big names. Here we have summed up 10 underrated but recommended beauty brands that you really should try in 2017.


1. Glossier

This innovative brand is owned by Emily Weiss. She is better known as the founder of the world-famous beauty blog, ‘INTO THE GLOSS’. Just like her informative blog, her beauty brand ‘Glossier’ too is getting recognized with each passing day. Her beauty line aims at enhancing the natural beauty. We hope year 2017 will bring more acceptance and fame for this brand.

2. Ilia Beauty

Ilia beauty brand is best known for their lightweight formula that makes your skin look natural. About 85 % of the ingredients used in the beauty products by Ilia are natural and organic, leaving behind any risk of damage to your skin. So, you can easily make it a part of your daily regimen. Not just the shades of cosmetics are easy on eyes, the packaging itself is quite eye catching. [Read here: Best Five Lush Products with Reviews.]

3. Aromi

The girls who love a matte finish on their lips, must give a try to matte lipsticks by Aromi. Owned by a professional chemist, all the products by Aromi, are made with natural ingredients. You know what’s best about Aromi, none of their products are tested on animals (vegan and cruelty-free pledge). Besides that, all the beauty products by Aromi are PETA certified.

4. Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille


It’s an all-natural brand that promotes natural and organic skin care. The amazing beauty brand is owned by three incredibly talented sisters- Caroline, Katherine and Michelle Ramos. The talented trio themselves are professional artists who used their talent to create something extraordinary and harmless.  About 99% ingredients in their products are organic and skin-friendly, making it one of the best essentials of everyday use. I would recommend you to choose their products, the texture, the shades and the look, everything about them is special.

5. Lauren B. Beauty

Beautiful hands are equally important for getting a complete look. Lauren B. Beauty is a lacquer line that promises to introduce elegantly remarkable shades for your nails. Lauren B. is the founder of this brand. Always dreaming to have her own beauty salon where she would be doing manicures of the clients, finally she ended up on this beauty line of her own. Her uncle, Philip B., a stylist himself, encouraged her to chase her dreams. In 2017, she is going to launch an all new bridal collection of her. So, the girls who are planning to tie a knot this year, must check out her collection.

6. Farmacy

Yet another underrated brand that produces incredibly natural beauty products. The products by Farmacy focus around the natural ingredients picked from their own farm in upstate New York. Women who are too conscious about their skin, must try the skincare formulas by Farmacy. Not just this, mature women are going to love the formulas especially formulated for antiaging. Check out their best products in 2017, including ‘Skin Dew’, ‘Sleep Tight’, ‘Sweet Lips’, ‘Honey Savior Skin Repair Cream’ and many more.

7. MAKE Beauty

A new brand with a lot of good about it. The brand has a motto, to make you feel beautiful and confident in your own self. None of the products by this brand are tested on the animals. Most importantly, you should try their brand, simply because all the income that it makes, it donates 10% of it to the well-known ‘We See Beauty Foundation’. This foundation works for women’s support in establishing a business of their own.

8. Finding Ferdinand

Yet another amazing new brand that offers a great variety of textures. The cosmetics by Finding Ferdinand are available in matte, sheer and creamy textures. Lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, all promise to give you an alluring look, each time you wear them. The brand has something unique to offer to all its users. Once you log in to their official website, you can create the shades of your own choice to drench your lips in colors. All you need to do is to mix any four shades together to create a new one. And buy it only in 30$. The same offer is available in a smaller pack, 6$ only. Year 2017 has witnessed the launch of an all new compact bespoke palettes only in ($60). The compact has magnetic pans that come with replaceable cakes to place the colors of your own choice, according to the season.

9. Commodity

Commodity aromas and fragrance line is especially manufactured to help control odor all day long. The unisex aromas are available in classic and playful colognes. Tonka, Bergamot, Vetiver, Gin and Book are some of the most promising fragrances by Commodity. Instead of spending a lot of bucks on the most expensive perfumes, do try some of these. You are surely going to love them.

10. Hourglass

What are the first few things that we look for in a beauty brand-quality, shades and textures. Hourglass promises all three of them. Hourglass beauty brand brings best products, suitable for all skin tones and types. The shades are easy-on-eyes and natural enough to make them a part of your daily routine. Ambient Lighting Palette, Ambient lighting blush and Ambient Lighting powder are some of the best products for your face. Last but not the least, Hourglass cosmetics come in the best packaging.

Conclusion: Don’t just keep yourself restricted to a few big brands of the world of beauty. Brands mentioned above and many other like them should be given a chance. Just because these are underrated, should never be an excuse for not using them. [Read here: 15 Best Drugstore Lipsticks.]

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