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10 Tips for Makeup with Glitters

Glitters aren’t always the easiest thing to work with. It can be quite messy and unnecessarily overdramatic! Despite those facts that imply how glitter can be a toughie, the beauty world still thinks it is worth the spotlight. Both beauty and style portals have predicted how glitter will conquer this year’s hottest beauty trends (Step Up Your Makeup Game with these Gorgeous Makeup Trends to Try for 2017) and without a doubt, we have already seen so many beauty brands to come up with their sparkly collections. We have seen glitter pots, glitter lipsticks, glitter pigments and even full-face glitter makeup challenges all across the internet!

No, we won’t be talking about how to smother all that glitter on your entire existence. We are going to talk about how to flaunt glitter in style. Glitters may seem a bit over the top but believe us, there are so many ways for you to make it wearable. Curious on how to work with glitters like an adult? Keep on reading.

Tip #1: Go for a minimal makeup.

The best way to pulling off glitters like an adult is to pair it up with a barely there makeup look. No hot pink lipsticks and overly done cheeks – just go au naturel all over. The spotlight should fall on the glitters on your lids. Since glitter can be quite a stunner on its own, then it’s wise to pair it with something very simple to make it stand out. Go for the perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick, flaunt feathered brows and have your lids shine with a bit of gold glitter and you are all set. Believe us, it’s something you’ll love to wear not only on date nights but at work as well.

Tip #2: Give your lids a pop of sparkle and color.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Glitters can draw too much attention when you go for a mix of different colors on one area. If you put blue, pink and gold flecks of litters on your lids, it may look a bit overwhelming for everyday wear. However, if you stick to one color and go full-on with it, the look is going to be more chic and wearable. If you want to give your usual matte pink and brown eye shadows a bit of spice, add pink glitters over them and pair it up with an edgy winged liner!

Tip #3: Always use a glitter primer.

One major rule when it comes to working with glitter makeup is to use a primer along with it. Glitters tend to create messy fallouts as it is not quite designed to adhere by itself. To really make it stick to the skin, you would need a specific primer for it. Not all types of face or eye primers work with glitters so it’s always better to go for glitter primers.

Tip #4: Use subtle glitter as a cheek highlighter.

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Source: Pinterest

Go for that blinding glow! Whether you choose to party the night away or just glow radiantly under that soft ray of sunshine, highlighting is your absolute beauty go-to. We’re not talking about piling chunks of glitter on your cheeks so don’t worry. After applying your favorite highlighter on your cheeks, take a dab on a glitter pot that shares the same shade as your highlighter. You can either go for a frosty white color or the classic champagne hue. If you wish to be a bit more creative, especially for the spring season, why not try rose gold glitter?

Tip #5: Try glitter tears!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

The beauty and fashion world is constantly evolving so being experimental with your looks is nothing to fear about. We’ve seen models walked the runway in their full-on glitter makeup but what struck us the most are glitter tears! It is this look that features a subtle hint of shimmer dabbed under the eyes to create an enchanting effect that mimics tears. The look has been features numerous times on the runway and one of the best designer fashion shows that perfected it was John Galliano’s couture show back in 2010. Since then, the look has been recreated so many times that some YouTube makeup gurus have tweaked it a bit to make it more wearable.

Tip #6: Go for the gold.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Gold glitter won’t ever fail you. When it comes to working with glitter makeup, gold is always a safe option. It has this luxurious feeling to it and it’s a very womanly color as well. It’s easy to work with especially if you are dealing with smokey eyes, black eyeliners or dramatic lashes.

Tip #7: Flash your glitter nails.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Not very much into face makeup? You can still hop into the glitter bandwagon by flaunting glitter nails. It’s not a very hard thing to do as you can always go to your favorite beauty boutique to pick up a glitter nail polish. Glitter nail polishes are very easy to find and they come in a vast selection of colors to sure suit your mood.

Tip #8: Give your classic red lipstick a “sparkling” new twist.

Every woman has her own bold red lipstick. If you feel like spicing things up a little bit, they why not make something classic iconic? Take a break from your classic bold red lipstick and amplify your look a bit by dabbing some red glitter on it. More about lipsticks here: 15 Best Drugstore Lipsticks

Tip #9: Pucker up with glitter gloss.

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Source: Pinterest

If you think you’re not up to real glitters on your lips, then don’t forget that glitter lip glosses do exist. We’re not talking about your pink high school lip gloss here. Go for something bold and chic! Reputable beauty brands like MAC, Too Faced and Urban Decay carry a wide variety of lustrous glitter glosses to suit your taste.

Tip #10: Use glitter liners for your crease.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Glitter eyeliners have been a huge trend I the beauty industry since 2010. While it’s true that they took a break just shortly after, the glitter liner trend is making a comeback this year – but in different fashion. Instead of wearing it close to the lash line like how we usually do (Read: How to Put On Eyeliner), glitter liners are now making their own show on the lids’ crease. Believe us, it’s quite an alluring trend to hop in!

Working with glitters may take a bit of getting used to but, there’s no arguing that glitter makeup is bound to change the beauty and fashion world this year. It does not have to be overly done as a few flecks of sparkle can already transform your look. Be bold and do not be afraid of being experimental for makeup has no limits!

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