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10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017

With the arrival of year 2017, the savvy-travelers all around the world have started looking for the hottest travel destinations of 2017. Year 2017 traveling trend is more about exploring unique and far-flung places. Travelers would discard the paths that are already trodden. They would start looking for exploring the remote destinations where tourists do not visit much. Here we have rounded up 10 destinations that you all should visit, to have great vacations as well as for learning something new.

1. Oman

Oman is the most underrated Persian Gulf country. It has a lot to offer just like other big States (Dubai) around it. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are more famous destinations and have always overshadowed the beauty of Oman. To explore the true culture of Gulf, Oman is one hot spot on our list. Once you are there, you will be welcomed by state-of-the-art resorts, picturesque spots and blue beaches to take sunbath. Other than this, there are beautifully constructed mosques and museums as a reflection of their culture. Muscat is the capital and it has every fun element that any traveler dreams of.

2. Alberta, Canada

Who can forget the national parks of Canada? So, this year, do make a plan to visit Canada. Year 2017 is also the 150th birthday of Canada. So, the celebration will be special. If you love all those snowy sports, visit Alberta in winter. This brilliant landscape has a lot to offer, from delicious food in Montreal to Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, there is everything for you. There you can have all fun opportunities of hiking, riding and canoeing. As it’s the birthday celebration year, all the national parks will be free. So, you are free to explore the wild life like grizzly bears, moose and elks. Moreover, Banff in Alberta could also be your next spot. It’s best place to visit, especially in winter. The beautifully snowed peaks and crystal clear lakes, all promise a great trip. Jasper is a hot spot for adventures of hiking and après-ski night life. Lastly, if you want all the fun and thrill of a big city, do not end your trip without visiting the big city of Calgary in Alberta.

3. Alps 2 Ocean Trail, New Zealand

If you are an adventurous cyclist, New Zealand has something very special for you in the year 2017. From the highest peak of Aoraki, a trail of about 301km has been set for the cyclists to pass through the most beautiful surroundings of nature. Passing through mesmerizing lakes, rivers and plains, you will finally end up on Pacific Ocean at Oamaru. It’s a trip, one of its kind. Each trip will be planned for 4 to 6 days with all the camping facilities for the tourists. [Read here: Top Things to do in Parague.]

4. Trinidad and Tobago Island in Cuba

We know Cuba as a comparatively low-paced (in terms of progress) state. But there are a lot of good things about it that keep on attracting a lot of travelers here. If you want to learn about the Cuban culture or want to spend some beautiful days under the sun, don’t forget to visit the picturesque island of Trinidad and Tobago. The main activities for the tourists include; wild dancing on soca music, fun trips to the dense jungle and delicious local food.

5. Sri Lanka

A destination rich in culture, Sri Lanka has a rich heritage containing temples, historical buildings (Galle’s mighty coastal fortress) world’s best tea, beach and turtles. Here you have all the facilities of traveling; from luxury flights to convenient hotels for stay. The national parks here, are the best of Sri Lanka. Parks have the animals like elephants (in Uda Walawe national park), crocodiles, leopards and many more.

6. Montenegro

Many of you might not have heard about this small country. But in year 2017, this place is surely going to have more tourists. Famous celebrities like Beyoncé, Jay Z and Tina Turner, all are all-praise for this beautiful place. Here you can indulge in beach walks or you can visit the places of historical significance like Unesco-listed walled Budva. There are many national parks to visit, especially Durmitor.

7. Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus is not much hyped city of Denmark but still it’s one of the best places to visit in Denmark. It is a place rich in culture and heritage. You have a number of places to visit here including beautiful art galleries, restaurants and museums. If you are a beach lover, you will have it here. Mols Bjerge is one of the best national parks in Denmark. And it’s not too far from Aarhus. Year 2017, there is going to be the launch of one of the best hotels here, named Carmel. It’s a boutique hotel inspired by the era of 1920’s. Don’t forget to visit here, once you are in Aarhus.

8. Finland

Year 2017 is going to be special in Finland. It’s the year of celebration of centenary of its independence. So, the celebration will be on, all through the year. Besides this, there are the adventures of northern lights and husky rides for all. Other than that, you have the great options like visiting eye-catching lakes, exploring wild forests, best local food and above all, an all-new culture and lifestyle to learn from. Those who want to enjoy every moment in the most lavished style, should check in to hotel St. George, that will be opened by the summer of 2017.

9. Palau

Are you a scuba diver and want to spend your vacations in doing some? Take your route towards South Pacific. Palau is a small island that promises beautiful surroundings with the tastiest sea food.

10. Rotterdam



Rotterdam is one the most attractive cities of Europe. There are a lot of reasons why you should visit this place. The futuristic styled architecture seems unique to eyes. A number of art galleries have something special for the art lovers. Besides this, the food markets and funky bars attract a lot of tourists each season. Above all, the city comes with the amazing option of roaming around it, in a bike ride.

Conclusion: All these destinations and a lot more, year 2017 is special from tourist’s point of view. Each place is unique in itself and has something exceptional to offer. For further details, contact your local travel agent and plan a memorable trip in 2017. [Read here: The Ultimate Packing List for Tokyo Trip.]

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