10 Fashion Pieces To Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe

Hello everyone! Long time no see! We really do hope you have had such a great day today and that you have been doing amazing these days. Since this spring is already in and we have May already too (!), we decided to dedicate today┬┤s article to upcoming summer. Today we will be talking about the 10 fashion pieces which you can upgrade your summer wardrobe with. These pieces of clothing will not only transform this unstable spring season into tropic summer one immediately, but they also lift your mood up a bit! If the summer is your the most favourite season of the whole year, we do recommend you to continue reading the article. You surely will not regret it ­čÖé

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Tie-Dye Trend is Back

If you thought that the tie-dye trend is finally gone and will not be back ever again, we have to correct your way of thinking right away! Tie-Dye is definitely back and now it can be seen not only on the clothing pieces but on the accessories too! Welcome the hot summer days with the colourful mix and combination which will surely lift up your mood anytime you feel down and sad. Bring the colour into your wardrobe and life as well.

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Bohemian Vibes together with the Playful Fringes

Seriously, has there been a summer for the past few years where the boho style and fringes did not have their place in? Well, we do not think so and we can┬┤t remember either. Fringes are still one of the most favourite applications and ornaments to wear to fresh even the ordinary and plain looking piece of clothing. Just look at this floral pattern skirt on the picture above. It looks just perfect with the fringes on the trim at the end of it, do not you think? Also, its combination with the bohemian style white oversize blouse is just gorgeous. The whole outfit surely gives off the goddess vibes, right?

Bike Shorts Trend

Well, it seems like the bike shorts are not only for those who like cycling in their free time anymore. They have been widely used and worn with a different style of clothing! It is almost unbelievable that a sporty piece of clothing like this caught the attention of the worldwide famous fashion designers and was introduced as one of the must-have pieces for summer 2019. There are many styles, colours, materials and even the lengths of them available, so you have a wide selection to choose from.

Source: Cosmopolitan

All About the Animal Patterns

The animal patterns – let┬┤s ask you a question: Is there a person on this Earth, who does not own, or who has not even been owning anything with the animal pattern on it? We really do not think so. Animal pattern style is a very popular one and a very favourite one too. It was used to wear only one of the animal pattern kind together with the black or beige pieces of clothing. But nowadays it is completely okay and even stylish to combine different kinds of animal patterns together. If you would like to try it, you can experiment as much as you can! You can be inspired even with the photo above!

Source: Standard

Neon Green is Still a Thing! Definitely!

Yes, as you read already! The neon green colour is not going anywhere and together with the other neon colours it will still be fashionable to wear during the summer this year as well. So vivid, so bright, so juice! Have you already own anything neon-like?

Source: Refinery 29

Half-Off Shoulder Style

If you want to wear something more interesting then the usual off-shoulder blouses, tops and dresses, you should try to look for the one-off-shoulder or half-off-shoulder style tops! It is up to your which shoulder of yours you will cover and which one you will show off.

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Appealing Fishnet

If you are the attention catcher and you just love to be in the centre of everyone┬┤s attention, the fishnet trend is definitely the right one for you! Sexy, seducing, appealing with a bit of mysteriousness. Just perfect for those who are not afraid to show a bit of their skin. If you are brave enough, wear the fishnet clothing items on your naked body. But remember, do not break the law or anything! Be careful. Being brave in the fashion does not mean to not accept the law ­čśë

Source: Vogue

Spots here, spots there

Who would not like the lovely and playful dot pattern, right? Especially on the blouses that can refresh the plain looking outfit a bit. The most favourite ones are definitely the white fabric with the dark blue or black dots and the red fabric with the white spots. It gives off the retro feeling too! For the happy, funny and playful days!

Source: WhoWhatWear

Bermuda Shorts Trend

As we already mentioned above, shorts are about to boom and rule this year┬┤s summer trends! Not only the biker shorts, but even the Bermuda shorts are very popular to wear around! It does not matter you do not like the sporty style! You can wear with elegant and sophisticated items too. Do not worry and do now be afraid to experiment with the different styles, patterns or materials.

Source: Livingly

Bring the Lavender Fields to Your Wardrobe

Have you ever dreamt about visiting the beautiful wide lavender fields in Provence? Well, you can bring a piece of this feeling to your home too. Especially to your wardrobe thanks to the clothing pieces made from the lavender-coloured fabric. Also, you do not have to only wear matte ones, but silky shiny ones too. It will create a more elegant and feminine look. Pastel purple colour is a very soft and gentle one. It will transform you into a purple fairy in a minute!

That is all! These were out 10 picks on how to upgrade your summer wardrobe this year. Of course, there are many other items which you can wear, but we wanted to recommend to you the most interesting ones! We do hope that you enjoyed reading the article and that we inspired you at least a bit! See you soon again! If you re interested in reading more articles related to fashion, we highly recommend you to read the 8 Super Chic and Stylish Plus Size Outfits to Wear this Spring and the 10 Spring Top Picks of This Month.

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