Easiest Ways to Prevent Aging

10 Easiest Ways to Prevent Aging

No woman likes those wrinkled eyes, sagging skin, aging spots and fine lines. Sounds quite hard but that’s the truth. Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped but definitely it can be delayed. The inner surface of our skin consists of a network of proteins like collagen and elastin. These proteins help in keeping our skin firm and younger looking. As years’ pass, this whole network of proteins begins to sag. And in some cases, you have to suffer from premature aging problems. Women who face such skin conditions, the first option they run for is to use an expensive anti-aging cream. But there are a lot of lifestyle modifications that can be helpful in preventing aging process. Here we have rounded up the ten easiest ways to prevent and slow down aging.

1. Limited Exposure to Sun

Those who fear the early appearance of wrinkles must avoid exposure to sun, especially when it is too strong. The UV radiation is one of the biggest promoters of aging and skin damage. Those who can’t help getting out in open must not forget to apply some high-quality sunscreen with SPF on their face, neck and hands. The best way to do that is to apply it about 20 to 30 minutes before getting out in sun. And don’t forget to re-apply it after few hours. Moreover, use a hat with a brim and sunglasses.

2. Stay Hydrated!

Water plays a significant role in maintaining the elasticity and freshness of your skin. If your body gets dehydrated, you will soon observe wrinkles on your skin. To prevent that, not just drink plenty of water (6 to 8 glasses of water at least), but intake of fresh fruits and vegetables would also be helpful in keeping you hydrated. Keeping your skin moisturized is equally important to lock skin’s natural moisture. Find the moisturizer that is best for your skin type. [Find here: 5 eye creams and serums for dark circles and wrinkles.]

3. Say NO to Smoking!

If you haven’t been able to do that till now, this is the time for you to quit smoking. As smoking is one of the main causes of premature aging. Smoking affects the supply of blood to our skin. It adversely affects the skin’s nourishment process. Lastly, the acts like constant squinting of eyes and blowing the cigarette fumes from your mouth may easily cause wrinkles around your eyes and mouth.

4. Drinking Less Alcohol!

Drinking is not a good habit and badly damages the overall health. Drinking indirectly links with premature aging process. Many of you must be thinking, HOW?? Let me explain. The chain drinkers have a bad digestive system. They can’t eat properly thus, the body lacks several essential nutrients including the ones, we need to have a glowing and healthy skin. As a result, our skin looks dull and lifeless along with the serious issue of dark circles.

5. Cut Off Processed Sugar

White or processed sugar is an item that loosens the collagen layer under your skin. As a result, you get loose, wrinkly and saggy skin. Not just for skin but an overall use of white sugar is not good for your health. If you don’t want to minus that sweet element from your life, get it replaced by brown sugar. Besides, other processed carbohydrates should also be avoided.

6. Get your Beauty Sleep

Cortisol is a hormone that is known for damaging your skin cells. And lack of sleep is one of the main causes of cortisol’s production in body. If you are not getting regular and adequate sleep, you must not be surprised on having those wrinkles around your eyes. On the contrary, if your body gets proper rest, it would produce HGH (human growth hormone), that is helpful in getting a younger looking skin. Make the best choice for you. Opt for about 7 to 8 hours sleep at least.

7. Stress and Skin Damage

Many of you must be thinking, how stress can affect our skin. Both of these are interlinked. When you are stressed, your body produces more cortisol. And like we have mentioned above, cortisol leaves a damaging impact on overall health of our skin. There are several ways of fighting stress. From sipping your green tea to physical activities like yoga, exercises and meditation, all tend to bring a positive change in your mental state. Lastly, laugh out as much as you can. It automatically relieves stress and produces endorphins (health enhancing hormone) in body.

8. Healthy Eating Habits

The daily amount of food that we consume can also be helpful in delaying the aging process. Foods with vitamins, low-fat proteins (fish, egg white, chicken, turkey) and antioxidants tend to give you a healthy-looking skin. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds must be a regular part of your diet to prevent aging. Check out 10 Best Foods that Benefit Your Skin and Recipes.

9. Green Tea

It’s not just tea, it works like magic if taken regularly. Green tea is an excellent stress reliever and it also functions as an immunity and health booster. Enriched with flavonoids (anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic), green tea slows down the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. A natural antibiotic, it increases your immunity level and metabolic rate. So, other than getting a fresh-looking skin, you will also have a well-shaped and slim body.

10. Face Yoga Moves

We know the goodness and positive effect of yoga on our body. Face yoga can do the same for our face. Using all the expensive beauty products and making dietary changes cannot give you the perfect look. Unless you don’t make facial yoga, a part of your daily regimen. Face yoga consists of certain facial exercises and moves that are helpful in keeping your face firm and younger looking. Start it today by looking for the most appropriate exercises for your facial muscles.

Conclusion: Delaying aging process is every woman’s dream. And she also has the control over it. Whether you are in your 30’s or 50’s, if you too want to delay your aging process, fasten your belts. All you need is a bit of dedication and consistency. Following all the above-mentioned practices strictly, can bring the most fruitful results for you. [Find here: How to look younger?]

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