10 Cozy Gifts for Homebodies this Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws close, people get ready to spend time with their family and friends. It is time to enjoy the beauty of the festivity that runs around your locality and be part of the celebration. It is time to rekindle old relationships, have a drink over memories that invoke nostalgia and get back to the roots where you belong. It is the time to share presents. Share gifts that are useful to the receiver. A thoughtful gift can go a long way and for different individuals, the type of gift has to vary. So, here are ten cozy gift ideas that homebodies will love this holiday season.


Theater Popcorn Kit

Source: Evermine

Source: Evermine

Possibly what a homebody is looking for. Make some popcorn, put on a movie, watch and munch. Maybe cuddle up on your extra pillow too. Available on Amazon for about $18, the theater popcorn maker is definitely an invention by a homebody. Now enjoy the feel of theater at their own bedroom and let them lazy away. Or they can call their friends and share the comfort with them.

Woolen Blankets

The holiday season being the time when winter hits hard in the northern hemisphere, everywhere except Australia and a few places it is chilly. So another good option for someone who loves to stay at home and spend the whole time during the holiday season would be to gift them blankets. The nice and cozy woolen blankets. What is better to keep them warm in the winter season. With some great discounts out there during the holiday season, it would not be a tough task to find some great blankets.

Winter Clothes

Source: StyleWe

Source: StyleWe

Homebodies prefer clothing that is comfortable over what looks good. Skinny fit jeans, slim fit shirt or tight blouse are always something they loathe. It brings another great option to the table – cozy winter wear. Pajamas, sweatshirts, and sweaters, fuzzy slippers and robes would be a great choice. Comfortable or oversized – which would be even better –clothes would be the right choice of winter wears. Even foot warmers can be added to the bunch. There are USB-powered foot warmers available on Amazon which might be very useful. Check Get Yourself Everyday Casual Look

Kindle or iPad

Kindle Store

Source: Kindle Store

This might be a good option if you have more money to invest in the gift. Instead of books and magazine subscriptions, a Kindle or iPad would suffice. All the books can be downloaded at cheaper rates on Kindle and the classics are available for free. With a lot of options like built-in dictionary and thesaurus, Kindle makes it easier for a homebody to be a better version of themselves. On the other hand, an iPad helps to browse the internet, watch YouTube or Netflix, spend time on social media, shop online and more. All the while lying on the bed and not moving an inch. Yes, it definitely is an expensive present. But a homebody will definitely appreciate it.

Lap Tray

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

It would be a difficult task to work on the laptop, iPad or any such device while cozying up on the bed. So a lap tray would be something that will come in handy. It would also help prevent the heat from getting into the body as the laptop will no longer be supported on the lap. Lap tray is available on most of the e-commerce sites and with the discounts available at for the holiday season, it will be easy to get your hands on one.

Multi-Purpose Pillows

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Multi-purpose pillows are available which can be used to support yourself on the bed or couch. There are some specialty pillows which can be used to holder your electronic gadgets like smartphones and iPads. This will help to not get a sore neck from continuously holding the device and keeping yourself in an awkward position for a long time. Add some cheeky quotes on the pillows and you are good to go.

Bar Football Table

It cannot get better. This table would really come in handy when you have your friends over. A table that stores your drinks all the while letting you play foosball. Inspired from airplane and train trolleys, the design is similar to an actual foosball table which helps to fit in a mini Foosball field on it. Do not break a sweat to go get your drinks. Serve it right there and play along. Hands down, one of the best gift option.

Convertible Sofa/Bed

Source: News Avenue

Source: News Avenue

Feeling sleepy while sitting on the couch watching television? Get a convertible sofa. Now take a nap in between breaks by the help of these great convertible sofas, these multi-purpose couch is what homebodies need.  A little expensive option as a gift, but will be totally worth it.

Door Mats

Source: Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

Anti-social mats would help drive away people who come in uninvited. Not sure, maybe. These would be a great gift option as it would bring out the true spirit of being a homebody. A hilarious “Not You Again” or “Go Away” mats can bring out the humors side too.


As the holiday season is coming closer with each passing minute, take some ideas from the above and get some of the cheekiest gifts for that friend of you who defies going out ever. Help make their life more comfortable and bring happiness to you.

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