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10 Astonishing Facts about Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the most sought-after names of the world of glam and style. She got her first identity as a member of the singing band ‘Spice Girls’ (Posh Spice), but later in her life, a lot of things kept her in the news. Be it her dashing hubby, the soccer super star David Beckham or her exceptional talent of fashion designing. But that is something that we all know about her life. Still there is a lot about her that most of us have no idea of. Here we have enlisted top 10 most surprising facts about Victoria Beckham.

  1. Victim of Acne

Apparently, Victoria seems flawless. Everything about her is just perfect. But to everyone’s surprise, as a child, she had to face severe acne problem. It was so dreadful that Victoria became the victim of inferiority complex. It turned her from a happy child to a quiet and lonely girl. Even in her school days, she used to wear makeup to hide all those acne marks. Contrary to that, her younger sister Louise had red wavy hair and a clear skin. And she used to feel insecure of her. That’s heartbreaking! [Read here: Top 10 Fashion Tips from Victoria Beckham.]

  1. A Chubby Girl

Watching Victoria now, who would believe that she was an overweight and chubby girl once. In her own words, her mother used to name her ‘fat puppy’. But later she was diagnosed with some hormonal problem (poly-cystic ovaries) and that was declared the main reason behind her chubbiness. And that she overcame later by adding fresh fruits and vegetables in her strict diet plan. Her group mate and a friend, Geri helped her a lot in this regard.

  1. The Fame

Source: Fame

In 1982, she was just 8 and her mom took Victoria and sisters to watch the movie the Fame. According to Victoria, it was there that something happened in her mind and she decided to be a perfect lady, just like Coco. And that we saw later, she was not just an incredible dancer, singer but a world known fashion icon.

  1. Her First Engagement

We all know she has a handsome life partner and 4 incredible kids (3 sons 1 daughter). But things were quite different in her days of ‘Spice Girls’. At that time, Victoria was engaged to another man, Mark Wood. A bit weird as a man, none in Victoria’s band used to like him. After several ups and down in their relationship, Victoria called it quit and moved on with her singing career. In 1995, she was in a relationship with Corey Haim. That too was ended mutually.

  1. A Trained Dancer

Victoria was graduated from Laine’s dance school. But did not pursue dancing as her career. According to her a lot of her mates entered their professional life as a dancer. They used to dance on the cruises. But Victoria was never interested in something that small. She had the highest dreams on her mind. And she was already working to achieve her goals. She was auditioned for ‘Bertie’ the musical. And she was never sure that she would ever be able to get that opportunity. Because, to her, she had a terrible voice. But to her greatest surprise, she was selected for playing the life of Vesta Tilley.

  1. Her Other Jobs

Besides being a part of the Spice Girls, there were a lot of other random jobs that she has been doing before coming to limelight. Once she was a promo model in the national newspaper, ‘The Daily Mirror’. In her own words, it was ‘a bimbo job’. She was supposed to wear a tight pants with Tee and boots. She had also worked in a departmental store. She was a sale girl and used to stand on the perfume counter, selling the samples of perfumes.

  1. Her Group ‘Spice Girl’
Spice Girl

Source: Spice Girl

We all know that she got recognition from her singing band the ‘Spice Girls’. The group got this name quite interestingly. According to Victoria, all the group members were willing to name the band as ‘Spicy Girls’. But before the launch of it, they came to know about a porn site named ‘Spicy Girls’. It was that time when they rejected this name and converted it to Spice Girls. That sounds interesting!

  1. Her Fake Lip Ring

Once in 2001, while performing live, she accented her lips with a fake lip ring. Though her purpose was to look sassy and trendy but quite contrary to that, this lip ring earned her a really negative image. The professionals related to British Dental Association criticized her immensely for setting a wrong trend for her followers.

  1. Her Audition for Big Screen

There was only one thing that Victoria didn’t try. It was the big screen. She opted for the audition for the character of Lara Croft for the famous movie, ‘Tomb Raider’. But she was rejected. And who gave her competition, no other than Angelina Jolie herself. But still, she had a cameo role in the famous flick of 2007, named ‘Ugly Betty’.

  1. Her Love for David Beckham

We all know her love for hubby David Beckham and how beautifully they met and the things went on between them. It was a fairy tale wedding in a beautiful castle. To express her eternal love for David, she has two tattoos carved on her body. If you haven’t noticed it till now, keep an eye now. There is one on the inner side of her left wrist. Its David’s initial. While the other is on her lower back. It’s a star indicating her love.

Conclusion: From starting her life as a girl next door to becoming the most photographed woman of the world, Victoria Beckham’s life is just like a fairytale. It has everything including; struggle, grief, success, love, failure, criticism, fame and above all her very own loving family. We hope you have got to know an array of unique facts about her. But still there is one thing that we couldn’t find out. Why she smiles so rarely?? Hoping to get the answer anytime soon. [Read here: Victoria Beckham 15 Best Looks of 2016.]

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